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Value added services

Product modifications

With a capacity to program over 40 million units and to tape and reel 45 million units, Avnet Logistics in Poing/Germany currently operates the largest product modification centre in Europe. The facility is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000, DIN EN IEC 61340-5-1 & 2, ISO 140001 and ISO TS16949:2002 and meets high quality standards of the automotive, naval, aviation, aerospace, telecommunications, military and medical equipment industries. To avoid soldering problems Avnet Logistics supplies moisture sensitive devices in dry packs. Dry packing is performed strictly in accordance with the manufacturers' guidelines. When necessary and indicated, Vacuum Ovens are employed to bake & dry components at low temperature. That way Avnet Logistics ensures that devices arrive at the customer site in perfect condition.

State-of-the-art automated and manual equipment satisfies almost all industrial programming and tape & reel requirements for all major semiconductor products. These services are available to all clients and supports them optimizing their value chain. Irrespective of the quantity, a full production run, a small evaluation batch or prototyping, Avnet Logistics has the equipment and the expertise to service all state-of-the-art product modification requirements at the fastest possible turnaround. To place value added orders or to get order specific and process related information please contact your local EBV office or learn more about our performance features in the Programming, Taping & Reeling and Marking section.



Avnet Logistics programming department supports devices for all applications: Microcontrollers, Flash, FPGAs, EEPROMs, PROMs, EPROMs and PLDs. Serial and parallel pick and place handling systems ensure precision processing of all package and device types, including (T)QFP, (µ)BGA, TSOP, SON, SOIC, PLCC and DIL. Automated programming equipment can handle components from and to tubes, trays or tapes. Various manual programming stations are ideal for exotic devices that require special adapters.


Taping & reeling

Tape & reel services encompass repacking product from trays and tubes onto reels as well as unreeling product and repacking it onto trays or tubes. These services are available as add-on to programming orders, but also as stand-alone services.
Depending on the device type, Avnet Logistics uses fully automated or manual tape equipment. Fine-pitch components are handled by pick and place systems with automated optical measurement. To ensure highest possible quality, state of the art 3D optical inspection systems are employed to measure the lead integrity and lead co-planarity. All materials and processes are in accordance with the EIA481A standard. On request, full peel-force test documentation is on-hand with every tape as well as Certificates of Compliance (CoC) for every tape material in use.


Laser - marking

Laser Marking is the preferred method for customized marking and covers 95% of all Avnet Logistics marking orders. Laser marking is fast and flexible, applicable even for the smallest of components and offers valuable benefits:

  • High throughput
  • No manual handling
  • Low cost
  • Heat resistant
  • Consistent quality
  • Available also for small outline packages > 8 pins (SOP)
  • No glue residues

Our equipment includes in-line systems integrated in pick and place machines as well as stand-alone laser markers. Using full-automatic tray and tube feeders, no manual handling of parts is necessary.



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About EBV Elektronik

EBV will remain the leading specialist in EMEA semiconductor distribution by being the partner of choice for its customers, suppliers and employees.

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Avnet Logistics is the result of a spin-off of a formerly EBV owned Warehouse and Programming Centre using all of EBV’s more than 40 years of experience, practice and well established resources to provide even better services to the market.


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EBV responds to inquiries locally, quickly and unbureaucratically, providing punctual deliveries at fair prices and a high personal commitment from each individual employee until the successful conclusion of the project.