Aerospace market trends Title (MT)

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Aerospace market trends

High Rel Market Trends Introduction (LC)

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Products and solutions with high reliability are crucial for the following markets:



Aircraft are the safest form of transportation

Since aircraft are highly expensive, the airlines try to minimise the time spent on the ground for maintenance, etc. Reliability is therefore held in the highest regard. However, apart from the aircraft itself there are various other avionics applications where high-rel components are used: from air traffic control to runway lighting and airfield lighting.

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Advanced avionics applications with even stricter requirements

Space technology is mission driven. We support technological systems from rocket launch platforms and satellites, to landing systems, and all the intermediate technologies in conjunction with the semiconductor manufacturers.

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Functionality under extreme requirements

Electronics used in defence applications, are usually subject to extreme requirements. Some systems have to execute their tasks immediately, reliably and with high precision when activated after years of inactivity. In order to exclude tampering by external parties there are also additional particularly-high requirements in terms of data security and tampering.

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