Market Trends Avionics Introductions (LC)

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Market trends: avionics

Products and solutions with high reliability are crucial for the following markets:


Civil avionics

Safety and comfort for the passenger

In the civil aviation sector, we have an important focus on applications within the passenger cabin. In-cabin applications relate to the passengers and on-board systems for the crews: from multimedia entertainment systems, to security, sensors, and control systems for the passengers. The spectrum of applications ranges from emergency lighting to comfort features such as multi-functional seats in First and Business classes. In addition, we support not only clients who produce multi-core systems for flight assistance, but also activities relating to landing gear controllers, maintenance, etc.

Air traffic control

Aircraft safety and flight guidance

With regard to applications in the air traffic control sector, we are mainly concerned with communications, secure comms and radar. We support a well-established multi-core architecture, in which the four cores in the flight controllers serve as the main unit in the aircraft flight safety system – from semiconductors to the operating system level. We provide the support to migrate this system to the latest multi-core generation and to extend the functionality. We are active in applications such as flight-guidance computers, which use standard embedded platforms in control towers.


Applications for airfield lighting and high-performance aircraft

The environment sector is primarily concerned with flight safety and service. We support applications for airfield lighting using LED technology, the corresponding switching systems and the relevant switching controller. We provide this cross-segment support, in such a way that the high-rel, lighting, automotive and our industrial teams work closely together on an application, as appropriate. Hi-rel covers not only the airport infrastructure but also the service and maintenance required for high-performance aircraft.