market Trends Space Introduction (LC)

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Market trends: space

Products and solutions with high reliability are crucial for the following markets:



Self-sufficient satellite systems

Satellite systems are self-sufficient, with their own power supply (primarily from solar panels), matching inverters and related battery charging facilities. This ensures that the satellite can also work properly on the night side of the earth. Point-of-load regulators play a key role in the context of satellite power supply.

Space vehicles

Safe carriage under extreme conditions

Space vehicles (rockets) carry the payload into orbit. These spacecraft have to be extremely well radiation-hardened. They also need to be vibration-resistant and able to perform reliably under extremely adverse temperatures.

Launching and Control Systems (MM)

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Launching and control systems

Secure rocket launch and control

High-rel components are also needed in the electronics to control and regulate rocket motors and to transmit and receive telemetry data.