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At EBV, we have been helping manufacturers deliver innovation and increase efficiency for over 50 years. Whether you are looking to advance your digital transformation initiatives or reap the benefits of IIoT, we have exactly the right combination of products, technologies and expertise for your project.

Working with EBV, you will be better able to identify and leverage key industrial applications. Our specialists help you see the big picture and target the areas with the strongest potential for success – from production safety to automation, from miniaturisation to connectivity and beyond.

We understand that you are faced with conflicting demands – like keeping a lid on costs while needing to invest in new technologies. You can count on us to deliver the right balance of products and technologies to help you harmonise these requirements and grow your business.

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If you have any questions related to our Industrial offering, please feel free to contact our experts directly.

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NXP Semiconductors LS1028A Highly Integrated SoC

The LS1028A is an SoC of the Layerscape family with integrated 3D GPU for HMI, and support for TSN in the integrated Ethernet switch and independent Ethernet controllers.

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Maxim MAX22515 IO-Link Transceiver with Integrated Protection

The MAX22515 low-power industrial transceiver can operate as either an IO-Link device or a non-IO-Link sensor transceiver in industrial applications.

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ST Standard Products Make All The Difference!

ST brings to you one of the broadest range of industry-standard and drop-in replacements for the most popular general-purpose Analog ICs, Power Switches, Discretes and serial EEPROMs with thousands of references to help you optimize your supply base.

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STMicroelectronics STSPIN32F0 Series

The growing portfolio of STSPIN32F0 devices embed a 32-bit ARM® Cortex®-M0 CPU based STM32F031C6 MCU with extended temperature range and a triple half-bridge gate driver.

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Infineon 24 V Steering for Commerical Vehicles (EHPS)

The advantages of EHPS for CO2 reduction is important. It provides the demand oriented amount of oil and pressure that is required to operate the hydraulic steering systems of industrial vehicles on demand.

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Go Wireless with Infineon!

At home, at work, in the car or on the go - let's respond to the growing demand for non-wired battery charging solutions!

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Semiconductor solutions developed with and for customers

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The Quintessence

Discover TQ - the free knowledge magazine from EBV

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MIP - Marketing Innovative Products

The MIP presents a snapshot of the ever-changing environment helping you to easily filter the most innovative and disruptive electronic components out of the flood of information available.

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Connect with the EBV experts who will guide you to reach further with your projects with on-going seminars, workshops, trade shows and online training.