Applications Test and Measurement Introduction (LC)

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Applications: test and measurement

There are numerous applications for the industrial market due to the many related sectors. EBV presents the most exciting application examples within the fields of:


Automated test equipment

Automatic test equipment (ATE) are machines that are designed to perform tests on different devices referred to as a Device Under Test (DUT)

An ATE uses control systems and automated information technology to rapidly perform tests that measure and evaluate. ATE tests can be both simple and complex depending on the equipment tested and is used in wireless communication and radar as well as electronic component manufacturing. There are also specialised semiconductor ATEs for testing semiconductor devices.

Lab test equipment

Non-destructive modern inspection technologies are an indispensable part of Test and Measurement Laboratory

Non-destructive (NDT) testing solutions include radiography, computed tomography, remote visual inspection, ultrasound, eddy current, hardness testing and metrology. It incorporates data management software as a unique platform that sets inspection solutions apart from the rest. Once data is captured, it can be analysed, reviewed and shared, assisting in better and faster decision making in the field and office.

Portable test equipment

Function and accuracy tests of measurement devices in electrical power systems are either prescribed by mandatory standards and regulations or form part of an established quality assurance concept

All types of measuring equipment, such as power quality measurement devices, electricity meters or transducers, can only provide valid measurement values after they have been properly calibrated. Calibration takes place during the development process, type testing and commissioning.