Industrial market trends Title (MT)

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Industrial market trends

Industrial Market Trends Introduction (LC)

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Process control and quality assurance are elements of a quality management system

Quality of management systems improve the quality of the products and services produced, thereby improving market share, sales growth, sales margins, and competitive advantage.

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Energy management

Reliable power generation is a fundamental necessity

Power generation systems are using a variety of energy sources including uranium, fossil fuels (coal, oil or gas), water power, geothermal, wind, solar, biomass and municipal and industrial waste.

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Primary sector

The primary sector of an economy is the sector making direct use of natural resources

This includes agriculture, forestry, fishing, mining, and extraction of oil and gas. This is contrasted with the secondary sector producing manufactured goods, and the tertiary sector producing services. The primary sector is usually more important in less developed countries, and typically less important in industrial countries.

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A mode of transport is a solution that makes use of a particular type of vehicle, infrastructure and operation

The transport of a person or cargo may involve one mode or several of the modes, with the latter case being called intermodal or multimodal transport. Each mode has its own advantages and disadvantages, and will be chosen for a trip on the basis of cost, capability, and route.

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Service industry

The basic characteristic of this sector is the production of services instead of end products

The service sector consists of activities where people offer their knowledge and time to improve productivity, performance, potential and sustainability. Services include attention, advice, access, experience and discussion. The production of information is regarded as a service - the quaternary sector.

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