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Welcome to EBV - We support your start-up!

There are many factors required in order to establish a start-up. EBV Elektronik supports you with its experience and expertise!

An idea is only as good as the team behind it! Successfully establishing a start-up requires outstanding engineering power, reliable supply chain services, extensive technology experience and a diverse partner network to market products. Do you need a team member that can bring in all of those talents? Then it’s about time to ask us to support your project!

Our focus is on sustainable business. Here we have a clear philosophy: Quality before quantity!

We are the leading semiconductor specialist in Europe and provide support for our customers in all aspects of their value-added chains. However, what’s more important for you is how we work: We always put the success of our customers first as we see you as our biggest asset in building a sustainable business for tomorrow. Looking at our dynamic approach towards the market and new technology trends, the only thing we might be old school about is the philosophy of our company´s founder: quality before quantity.

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EBV Explains Video: How EBV STARTmeUP works

Step 1


Your initial idea is just as good as the product you bring to market in the end.

Step 5


Stop searching for tools, prototyping hardware and electronic components - we already got you covered.

Step 2


Let´s join forces and tackle challenges together!

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Step 6

Logistic Solutions

You create it - we´ll ship it. It´s as easy as pie!

Step 3


Our technical experts can add some design experience to your team.

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Step 7

Production / Value Added Services

10, 50, 100, 1,000,000? Whatever volume you need we‘ll handle it as fast as lighting.

Step 4


We can help you develop the most efficient and successful design as well as to help to you select the perfect components.

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Step 8

Marketing & Success Stories

Sharing is caring - we‘ll be shouting out your ideas to the world!

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Additional Information

Ask us to support your project! 

  • What are the best semiconductor products for my application?
  • Where can I buy these semiconductor products at fair prices?
  • Who can give me advice on technical questions?
  • Where can I find out about the future trends?
  • Who can give me access to important networks and markets?
  • Who can provide me with customer-specific logistics solutions?


EBVs' IoT Valley

We believe in visions, idea and creativity.
Start-up accelerators help young businesses on their way to success.

IoT Valley is an association created in 2009 by four entrepreneurs from Toulouse. Today it is Europe's reference business ecosystem specialized in the internet of things and connected objects. Concentrated on innovative companies, the association has more than 40 start-ups and an acceleration program: LeConnected.Camp.

It is almost entirely financed with private funds through partnerships with major groups such as SNCF or AG2R, and industry leaders like Microsoft, Intel, Samsung or EBV Elektronik.

Each year LeConnected.Camp. helps 20 new start-ups.

Read More

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Contact Us

Kickstart for Your Start-up

If you have any questions to EBVs STARTmeUP program, please send us an e-mail to: - or contact one of our participativ offices

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Innovation World Cup Series


The INNOVATION WORLD CUP is the leading IoT award worldwide, and the edition 2018/ 2019 is again sponsored by EBV Elektronik!

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Upcoming Start-Up Events

Find your next stunning event!

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Boost your ideas with engineering, component and logistic superpowers!

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EBV Blog

Success Stories

Read about some of the amazing projects and start-ups we already work with in our EBV Blog start-up section