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ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)

Cameras to make life and parking easier

As well as the front camera, which is used in safety-relevant driver assistance systems, more and more vehicles now have a reversing camera, which in particular is obligatory in the USA for new registrations from 2014 (source NHTSA). The next stage is then surround-view cameras, which offer an all-round view. EBV is working here together with its customers on solutions for trucks and other commercial vehicles. If the legislative authority should require such systems, EBV Elektronik is definitely prepared. With reference platforms and expert support, EBV Elektronik can help its customers to achieve professional designs within a relatively short timeframe. The application requires a variety of sensor interfaces, a relatively high level of processing power, plus different automotive interface such as CAN (but occasionally FlexRay and in the future possibly Ethernet) to connect the system to the vehicle's internal networks. The actuators receive commands and default values via these internal networks (e.g. 'reduce engine speed' whenever the ACC system detects a vehicle ahead). With their combination of diverse peripherals and powerful computing elements, MicroProcessors, DSPs and FPGAs are predestined for sensor data analysis, including in-car operation. For example, a relatively small FPGA can be used for converting the camera's senor signal into an appropriate signal for further processing within the vehicle. With a more powerful FPGA or heterogeneous computing platform it can add a range of object recognition functions using special algorithms.

DIS infotainment

Great comfort combined in one system

Infotainment and Driver Information Systems (DIS) have now gained a great deal of importance, even in smaller cars. This means that the display functionality of the vehicle, together with navigation, Internet access, radio and other music playback units are integrated into one system.

Safety and ASIL

MicroControllers and FPGAs can be used in safety-critical systems that need to achieve a certain ASIL (Automotive Safety Integrity Level)

EBV and many of its suppliers support their customers through the process of designing systems that require compliance with safety standards such as ISO 26262 or IEC 61508. Some of them already have a proven track of record in this area by working with the TÜV (provider of independent inspection, testing and certification services worldwide) to create a safety data package which accelerates these designs in a safety-critical contexts. EBV Elektronik is also right at the forefront of safety solutions. Together with independent partners and consulting firms, EBV has hosted a number of safety seminars explaining how functional safety features can be embedded into systems.