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Test and measurement

Test and measurement have a wide variety of different use cases

FPGAs and DSPs allow the highly efficient recording, processing and preparation of measurements in real time. This is why both are used in all product sectors in which data needs to be rapidly captured, then immediately processed and transferred. Especially with FPGAs, fast ADC and DAC interfaces like JESD204 A/B can easily be implemented.  The test and measurement segment includes following categories:

Communication Test:
- Wireless Testers (WiMax, WiFi) 
- Wireline Testers (Ethernet) 
- Optical Testers 
- Traditional Telco Field Testers

Semiconductor/ATE Test: 
- Digital Testers 
- Analog/RF Testers 
- Mixed Signal 
- Memory Testers 
- System-on-a-Chip (SoC) Testers 

General-Purpose Test: 
- Oscilloscopes 
- Signal Generators & Analyzers 
- Logic Analyzers- Multimeters & Counters 
- Automotive Testers