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The RF & Microwave semiconductor market presents for EBV Elektronik a key focus and challenge for future opportunities in the first place to high-growth wireless opportunities and radio applications. Our service and application support combines global coverage with in-depth understanding and analysis of component trends, technology developments and future business opportunities.

EBV Elektronik supports its customers with a very broad portfolio of RF automotive solutions, reflecting its advanced technical skills: its products range from keyless entry systems, radio ICs and GPS modules, through eCall and C2x solutions. Wireless communication is an important part of everyday life in the broad field of consumer electronics where Bluetooth, BLE, WLAN and other RF technologies already play a significant role. In only a very few areas are RF components as relevant to the system or of such central importance as in many hi-rel systems: from avionics via space applications to applications in the defence field. In the traditional industrial sector, there are various applications of RF semiconductors. From measurement technology through networking in the context of industrial automation to welding/jointing - and separation processes.

RF and Microwave Technology examples and Trends (LC)

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Technology examples and trends

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Blog article

Key-Less Go Is The Modern Car Thieves Dream Feature

Once you approach your car and reach out for the door handle the car sends a RF signal to the key requesting an authentication code. The key responds and transmits the code and the car opens.

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Go Wireless with Infineon!

At home, at work, in the car or on the go - let's respond to the growing demand for non-wired battery charging solutions!

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