EBV - RF and microwave - trends (LC)

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RF & Microwave trends

Wireless communication is an important part of everyday life in the broad field of consumer electronics where Bluetooth, BLE, WLAN and other RF technologies already play a significant role. EBV Elektronik identified the most exciting trends in the sectors of:


Wireless base station provides a secure connection between multiple host devices

RF semiconductors are key system components on both the receiver- and the transmitter-side for mobile communications base stations.

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Broadcast applications involve transmitters for radio and television programmes

While for radio, analog broadcasting on USW frequencies is still predominant over digital audio broadcasting (DAB), digital transmission systems via DVB-T (Digital Video Broadcast Terrestrial) predominate for TV transmitters.

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Wireless connectivity

Fast-moving market influenced by rapid changes

For direct connection between devices, sensors, remote units, display elements, etc., wireless transmission technologies such as Wi-Fi (WLAN, IEEE 802.11), Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), ZigBee, etc., are used. New variations are constantly being added for e.g. with the introduction of the IoT (Internet of Things).

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Industrial Scientific Medical RF (MM)

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Industrial scientific medical RF

Networking within the factory in the context of factory automation

One major theme in the German industrial sector is that of the so-called ‘Industry 4.0’ project. Since this is a classical theme in networking, see the ‘Connectivity’ section for details of the appropriate solutions for wireless networking of the individual units, which are relevant in the context of Industry 4.0.

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All kind of radar systems are almost everywhere in our daily lives

We recognise the extent to which radar technology has already penetrated our lives, from the radar systems which are increasingly installed in cars or from the radar-based motion sensors, which are used as sensors for alarm systems.

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