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Security & Identification

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Security & Identification overview

Wherever there is a need to clearly identify people, systems, individual elements or even consumables, from printer cartridges or blood supplies, casino chips or immobilisers in cars to secure data communication in most cases RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) systems are used.

Security and identification applications examples are:

  • Consumer: RFID technology offers increased protection against copying and tampering. Technology opens up new and innovative ways to interact with consumer goods from different corners.
  • Industrial: In many areas of industry RFID is seen as a solution for capturing the data. Industrial applications factors such as high mechanical demands, dirt and frequent position changes make the use of barcodes impracticable.
  • Livestock: Innovative livestock ID products are fully interoperable with standardized components and systems
  • Medical: A central element of many medical devices is using wireless service interface for data transfer to and from the device without opening it. Plugs create massive problems in terms of hygiene and cleaning.
  • Metering: Security and Authentication are mandatory for new age metering markets to secure current needs of smart grid networks including future development of renewable energies.

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Personalisation services for secure devices

Identification of electronic devices is of tremendous importance for security. When establishing a connection between devices or to the Internet proof of identity and origin enables to reliably determine who is sending/receiving data. Personalized secure elements that are custom programmed and contain unique information about the manufacturer are incredibly efficient and perfectly suited to protect devices with accurate identification. However, custom programmed security hardware is usually available only for mass production with high-volumes as the required programming equipment and expertise is expensive.

In collaboration with semiconductor suppliers and qualified machine manufacturer, EBV Elektronik recognized this issue in order to set-up a process that enables cost-efficient and reliable integration of customized security hardware into your supply chain independently of production volume. Click here to learn more about EBV's personalisation services for secure devices and  watch our Secure-it Explanation Video below:

EBV explains security

Security and Identification Technology examples and Trends (LC)

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Technology examples and trends

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EBV personalisation services for secure devices

Find out about how EBV can support you on the personalisation of your secure devices.

Secure Your IoT Designs article (GBL)

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Blog article

Secure Your IoT Designs with PUF Technology

A PUF circuit is implemented using the random electrical properties of IC devices. It produces a unique and repeatable root cryptographic key for each IC, and no two chips are alike.

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Security and Identification Services (LC)

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