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Security & identification technology examples

Security and identification technology like RFID or authentication is found in many markets and application examples. Click through those related segments to learn more:


Automotive (MM)


RFID technology is widely used for vehicle management. An RFID system allows data to be transmitted from the tag to the reader, which in turn processes it for a particular use like Electronic vehicle registration (EVR) or electronic vehicle identification (EVI).

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Consumer (MM)


RFID tags do not require a power source and can be embedded just about anywhere. Brand owners are facing more challenges than ever. ID technology offers increased protection against copying and tampering.

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Industrial (MM)


In many areas of the industry, RFID is seen as a solution for capturing the data. In the retail and logistics sectors, one approach to the process of product identification and monitoring is the use of bar codes. However, in industrial applications, factors such as high mechanical demands, dirt and frequent position changes make the use of barcodes impracticable.

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Livestock (MM)


Innovative livestock ID products are fully interoperable with standardized components and systems. In the field of animal tracking, conventional transponders are usually used. This type of transponder consists of a coil with a chip on it. The functioning electronics are packaged, moulded, assigned a number and then sterilised.

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Medical (MM)


A central element of many medical devices, wireless service interface can be used to transfer data to and from the device without opening it. Plugs create massive problems in terms of hygiene and cleaning, and the wireless service interface means that developers can avoid the use of these often problematic components in medical devices

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Metering (MM)


Security and authentication are leading the metering market to secure the modern smart grid environment. Following German BSI security recommendations and protection profiles we will be able to support thru our leading suppliers future country specific profiles. Next to metering is calibration of the ADC based AFEs, IP protection and PCB tracking.

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