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NFC antenna design offering

ISO15693, ISO14443

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For NFC/RFID reader designs the development of the antenna is sometimes challenging due to missing RF knowledge and a lack of measurement equipment.

To support customers during the design-in phase, EBV offers the following services:

  • Antenna design trainings
  • Review and evaluation of customer antennas
  • Antenna design as a service



Support offering

  • 1-0-1- Antenna training
  • Antenna review
  • Antenna design


Antenna training

Basic training

  • Theoretical lessons
  • Exclusively for single customer
  • 1 day at EBV
  • Includes printed training materials
  • Covers topics like HF fundamentals, basic formulas, antenna design and tuning principals, how to measure and test antennas, …


Advanced training – Hands-on

  • Practical lessons
  • Exclusively for single customer
  • 1 day at EBV
  • Includes printed training materials
  • Includes demo boards and tag samples
  • Covers practical calculation of sample antennas and measurement/optimization, component proposal 



For further details please contact 

Antenna review and evaluation

  • 1 day at EBV or customer premises
  • Review of existing customer design (Eagle or Altium format)- Schematic + layout of
  • Reader
  • Matching circuit
  • Antenna
  • Performance check
  • Includes tag samples for further testing
  • EBV provides review report with design improvement proposal
  • Option for compliance testing support (ISO, EMCO, NFC forum)


Antenna design

  • Based on customer specification
  • 1 day workshop type or EBV full service
  • EBV will provide (description, Eagle file)
  • Antenna geometry
  • Matching circuit
  • Component proposal
  • Antenna prototype
  • Complete reader design with external partner