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Security and identification trends

Read about the most exciting trends in the field of security and identification technology:

Dual interface memory

Exchanging data between systems wireless via the RF interface, whereby there is often an I2C or SPI interface on the other side

Electronic products containing dual interface memory can be identified individually, activated on safe delivery, and updated with regional settings or new firmware at the point of sale. Tags can be read from inside the finished goods.

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Electronic traceability

Traceability of products and materials will improve logistical processes

In order to track PCBs or modules individually, each unit receives an individual serial number, which is stored in an RFID tag. It enables you to track, identify, and authenticate each component through every stage of manufacturing.

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Allows objects to respond to the tap of a mobile device

NFC is a form of RFID communication that has already been used in millions of applications transforming user experience in a way that enables the "Internet of Things", signs, games or media content as well for ticketing or payment terminal contactless interaction.

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Security and authentication are part of most online applications

Internet usage and online applications are experiencing spectacular growth with rising needs for protection of Data and Communication channels covered by Authentication and Security products classified according to their needs and applications.

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Tags, cards and labels

Fully personalized with colored artwork on the front and back side and other post-print features including identification elements

They are all designed specifically for contactless applications which require additional personalization of security levels offers an upgraded path for system integrators and operators.

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