• Industrial imaging application

    Global Shutter CMOS
    Image Sensor Family

    Speed up and simplify your industrial imaging designs.

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    the factory floor.

    Avnet and TE Connectivity will connect you
    to the future of Industrial IoT.

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    Prevent IoT Dramas

    Go for Maximum IoT Security.
    Go for Microsoft Azure Sphere.
    Starter kit Now available at Avnet Silica.

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    Let us design the
    perfect solution

    Avnet Integrated's expertise in system engineering
    enables customized solutions for your products.

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    Custom support delivered with maximum scale

    Avnet’s supply chain services help you forecast and position materials
    around the globe so they’re ready when you need them.

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Infineon Gallium Nitride power devices

Featured product

Maxim Integrated - System Power Protection ICs

Protect your power system application against faults with single-chips solutions. Maxim´s complete system protection ICs integrate back-to-back MOSFETs for robust protection with nanosecond response times, featuring:

  • Inrush current limit
  • e-Fuse/overload limit
  • Reverse voltage
  • Power limit
  • Thermally controlled current foldback
  • Current monitoring

ICs selector guide

Read our "Artificial Intelligence" whitepaper

We are rapidly approaching a future where entire industries will be transformed by artificial intelligence. The phenomenal developments ushered in by the industrial revolution followed by the information revolution are now converging in new ways to bring about a paradigm shift in how we work, live our lives, secure our health and generate prosperity. At the core of the new paradigm is a set of technologies, loosely termed AI, that are driving massive transformations.

In this whitepaper, the core ideas related Artificial Intelligence (AI) are defined and presented. Key developments in the application of AI in various fields are also outlined. A framework for thinking about the impact of AI in the business world and introductions to openly available AI resources are also discussed.

Download the whitepaper to read more!

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