Doing our part to develop lifesaving technology

What’s happening in our world today is unprecedented in our lifetimes. It is a call to arms for every individual, every family, every government and every company to do whatever is necessary to help each other get through the challenge before us.

We’re doing our part for our community and our customers to combat coronavirus (COVID-19) through technology.

Particularly, demand has skyrocketed for ventilators, respirators, CT scans, ultrasounds and x-ray devices. In addition, peripherals like ruggedized tablets, printers and scanners are needed to support these applications and the overall increase in patients that hospitals are managing around the globe.

Here are some of the ways we’re helping to support innovation during this pandemic:

  • We’ve created free, open-source block diagrams for those looking to develop these technologies.
  • We’ve activated our communities to develop on-the-ground solutions for detection and support.
  • Our Integrated business unit is in overdrive developing medical solutions.
  • Plus, we’re putting our money where our mouth is, donating everything from personal protective equipment for medical professionals to local, direct relief in hard-hit communities.   

Avnet is doing everything we can to accelerate our customers’ ability to provide lifesaving solutions by leveraging our product development ecosystem and our global reach.

Even in times of great challenge, our mission is the same: We’re helping you Reach Further.

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We’re balancing business continuity with health and safety during this pandemic.

Open-source designs

Access block diagrams for respirators, ventilators and other medical equipment.

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We can assist in ramping production, part selection or managing supply chain for medical equipment.

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