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CSR: The heart of a great company

CSR Diversity and Inclusion (MM)

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Diversity and Inclusion

This is a great time to be at Avnet and more importantly to be a part of our exciting transformation. The opportunity to create a new company and transform the way the world experiences technological innovation is extraordinary. To achieve our purpose of guiding today’s ideas into tomorrow’s technology, however, we must unleash the full potential of each of our employees.

Read more about Diversity and Inclusion at Avnet and find useful information like the UK Gender Pay Gap Report in Diversity and Inclusion.

Environmental Sustainability - (MM)

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Environmental Sustainability

At Avnet we’re focusing on business practices that not only ensure sustainability for the company, but also make our society and world at large a better place through environmental sustainability. We believe it makes good business sense to understand, be aware of, and proactively work on ways we can be an environmentally friendly global company. It’s why we measure our carbon footprint and other environmental impacts, and strive to build greener buildings. Our goal is to continually improve our processes and evolve our policies so that we can reduce our impact on the planet.

Learn more about Avnet’s efforts in Environmental Sustainability.

Community Engagement

Understanding the power of working together, we partner with suppliers, customers and vendors to maximize our impact in the community. We also back up that commitment with financial support by investing in programs and projects in our communities targeted at improving technology education, promoting energy conservation and helping underserved groups gain skills and obtain employment opportunities.

That sense of responsibility spreads throughout the company. Our employee-led volunteer initiative, Avnet Cares, supports employees who are making a difference through hands-on and skills-based volunteering.

Learn more about Avnet’s impact in Community Engagement.

Ethics & Governance

At Avnet, our goal is clear: growth that benefits those who work for and with us, those who invest in us, and the communities in which we sell and operate—and that requires clean business practices. We train our employees to identify and avoid potential corruption, and we insist on compliance with trade, anti-corruption and other laws. We are also careful to select resellers and other business partners who share our commitment to clean business practices. At Avnet, integrity is our number one core value and our reputation is at stake. We want good results, but only if we can get them the right way.

Learn more about Avnet’s focus on Ethics and Governance.

Human rights

Avnet values and seeks to uphold basic human rights in all our operations, and obligates its supply-chain partners to uphold the same standards. We provide reasonable working hours and fair wages. We do not use or tolerate others’ use of forced labor or human trafficking practices, including the exploitation of children. We respect the rights of all workers to right to associate, peaceably assemble and communicate concerns with management without fear of discrimination or harassment. We recognize and respect the rights of all individuals regardless of race, color, ancestry, national origin, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability or any other legally protected trait, and do not discriminate against anyone based on the same. We are also taking steps to work toward a conflict-free supply chain.

Learn more about Avnet’s efforts in Human rights.

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