Avnet United

End-to-end supply chain services

Avnet United is a business dedicated to the provision of end-to-end Supply Chain services to a well defined group of large global OEMs, electronics manufacturing service (EMS) providers and electronic component manufacturers. Our customers can choose from various working capital models, with or without inventory ownership, to meet their needs in terms of cost and Supply Chain Risk management. Our team of Supply Chain professionals operate from offices across Europe with the ability to support both Pan-European and Global engagements based on the requirements of our customers.

Our vision and mission

Avnet United is committed to providing an 'Extra-ordinary Supply Chain Experience' for its customers and suppliers in the electronics industry. We combine our leading competencies in Supply Chain and Asset management with Avnet's global warehousing and logistics, finance, and information technology, to enable its customers to compete in their chosen markets while managing their Supply Chain risk.

Avnet United is able to support for its customers the linecards of Avnet Abacus, Avnet Integrated Solutions, Avnet Silica, EBV Elektronik and MSC Technologies.

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Service offering

  • Logistic Solution Modelling
  • Development and Execution
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Logistic Models (Forecast, VMI, Consignment, Reduced LT, Hub)
  • Risk/Liability Management EOL/LTB Management
  • Supply Chain Reporting

About Avnet

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Avnet Logistics

As an independent business unit, Avnet Logistics delivers clearly defined services to the European distributors within Avnet EMEA.

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Supply Chain Solutions

Our industry-recognised supply chain experts can help you assess your supply chain health and manage future expansion.

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Value Added Services

Backed by in-house experts and a deep online inventory, Avnet’s value-added services help you produce custom products without costly overhead.

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About Avnet EMEA

Quality information

Avnet Logistics in Europe operates Quality Management Systems in accordance with ISO 9001, EN/AS 9120 and ISO 14001.

About Avnet EMEA

Environmental policy

The economical use of energy and raw materials is a component of our business policy as is the protection of water, ground and air.

About Avnet EMEA


Once you join Avnet, you’re joining more than a company. You’re part of a community. We provide support for your overall well-being through a broad-based approach.