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Young professionals

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Graduates entry level

Let´s get your career started!

If you have completed your degree and are about to embark on a career, Avnet could be your partner of choice, as we are interested in both - your and our advancement. That´s what we need to move ahead and reach out for our ambitious goals.

Avnet has much to offer to young professionals: Attractive career development opportunities, exciting challenges and experience with teams working in a fast moving multinational high technology environment.

You have ideally already obtained first practical experience via internships or working student assignments and know exactly the direction or expertise you want to go for. Why? Because you will - after your induction phase - directly take ownership and responsibility for one of our challenging jobs.

Trainee programmes

You want to get to know insights into structures and processes of Avnet after you have sucessfully completed your university degree?

If this is the case, please check our trainee programmes out, as this might be exactly what you are looking for. During our 12 month trainee programme, you have the opportunity to get a comprehensive insight into different functional areas of Avnet and combine your theoretical knowledge with practical experience.

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School Leavers

Just finished school? Ready for the next step? Then seize this opportunity to apply to Avnet for a trainee position!

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Want both theory and practice from the beginning of your course? Then take this chance for a dual-tracking qualification with Avnet!

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About Avnet

Are you interested in more information about Avnet EMEA?

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About Avnet EMEA

Contact HR

Still have questions about the next step in your career?

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About Avnet EMEA

Job Openings in EMEA

Learn more about how you can further your career with Avnet

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About Avnet EMEA

Core Values

Learn more about the values that drive our business and our people forward every day

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Code of Conduct

Doing Business, the Right Way

Doing business the right way - Details on how we conduct ourselves in every aspect of business