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A culture of diversity

Global business is one of Avnet’s great advantages and key strength. A wide-spread variety of our different employees’ social and specialised abilities, working experience and qualifications constitutes us as a reliable business.

We are a multicultural company, where everyone - regardless of age, gender, origin or disability - has equal opportunities to contribute to the company´s achievements. Our Managers at all levels are actively encouraged to promote diversity when considering recruitment and career development choice. Our goal is to lead by example at any time.

Employee value proposition

Avnet aspires to build an engaged global employee community, energised and enabled to surpass our most audacious goals. As champions of our People strategy, Human Resources works to attract, engage, develop and reward a diverse, industry-leading global workforce by creating targeted, scalable programmes that can be deployed regionally to support profitable growth.


We excite and captivate enthusiastic, accomplished and intellectually curious people who are collaborative and resourceful to deliver extra-ordinary value.


In exchange we deliver a fulfilling work experience engaging you to thrive and inspire others.


As an Employer Avnet ensures your personal growth and vitality by providing experiences and learning opportunities enabling you to build a successful career.


High performance is rewarded as we show appreciation by giving recognition to acknowledge and differentiate performance that delivers remarkable results.

Compensation & benefits

Our performance-based compensation applies to all employees working for Avnet.

Base compensation

Each Avnet Employee is given a fixed salary based on the job characteristics, market competiveness and qualification. Salary growth depends on individual performance and level compared to benchmark.

Variable compensation

The individual Variable Compensation Plan is reviewed each year based on individual, group or business area performance and targets


Avnet's benefits are part of the total compensation policy and strategy and designed to meet the challenges of a growing, global competition for talent. Our benefit structure is aligned to local legislation and practices in each country and established to provide framework of security for our entire workforce.

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Applying at Avnet

Find out how to become member of the Avnet family.

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Joining the Team

No matter what phase of your life you are in, Avnet has the right opportunities for you!

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Young Professionals

Let´s get your career started! If you have completed your degree and are about to embark on a career, Avnet could be your partner of choice!

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About Avnet

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Core Values

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Code of Conduct

Doing Business, the Right Way

Doing business the right way - Details on how we conduct ourselves in every aspect of business