The largest online engineering communities in the world

Most creators have a deep understanding of the specialty that led to their breakthrough idea. But because they’re so focused on their work, they don’t always have the visibility into or time to tackle critical considerations for skills outside of their core competencies.

When information does exist about these topics, but it’s usually scattered across multiple high-level sources, making it not only time consuming to find, but more often than not shallow in detail.

That’s exactly why Avnet has invested in creating the world’s largest community of engineers: to help you access the expertise you need, when and where you need it. That means starting with the resources and information you need to test and validate your idea as well as turn it into a product.

In our communities, you’ll find:

  • Discussions with likeminded engineers: Developers can come to our communities to collaborate to solve one another’s design challenges. Members can see what other engineers are working on, learn from their experiences, and optimize their own designs. 
  • Projects to help encourage new ideas and build skills: Whether online projects and design challenges to in-person workshops help individuals, whether they have deep previous experience or not, take their hardware ideas to the next level.
  • Online training on new technology: Shortened design cycles and faster times to market require engineers to stay up to date on the latest technology. In the communities, you’ll see technology in action and have the ability to road test projects applying this new knowledge.