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Setting the pace for change in technology

Find the newest product releases from your favorite manufacturers here. From innovative, break-through new product architecture to reimagined, re-versioned constants in engineering design, stay on top of the industry’s latest product news.

In EMEA, Avnet provides a focused customer and supplier strategy by addressing each market segment with a dedicated business unit. Check the respective pages of Avnet Abacus for IP&E products, Avnet Integrated for embedded as well as display solutions and Avnet Silica or EBV Elektronik for the latest semiconductor products.

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Avnet Abacus NPIs

Check new product introductions in the field of Interconnect, passive, electromechanical components, power products & batteries. 

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Avnet Silica NPIs

Find the right semiconductors, services and solution for your products at the Avnet Silica pages.

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Avnet Integrated products

Avnet Integrated can support you with design, configuration, manufacturing and installation. From simple built-in displays to full custom-built data center server solutions, or embedded systems.

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EBV Elektronik NPIs

Get access to the most innovative products and technologies from EBV's leading suppliers and easily search and filter the list below to find what you need using our New Product Introduction pages. 

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