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Electrostatic discharge can create catastrophic or latent failures in electronic components. It can occur throughout the manufacturing, testing, shipping, handling, or operational processes.

Component damage can occur as a result of a discharge from the component as well as a direct discharge to the component. Components vary significantly in their sensitivity to ESD.

For these important reasons, all Avnet Logistics and Product Modification Facilities provide ESD protection. Avnet Logistics Poing and Tongeren operate in compliance with IEC 61340-5-1, 2 & 3 (protection of electronic devices from electrostatic phenomena), JESD625 and ANSI ESD S20.20.
All equipment and furniture is grounded and the floors provide conductivity.

Every worker wears ESD protective smocks, ESD protective shoes or foot/wrist straps and is periodically trained on ESD protective measures. 
All areas with moisture sensitive devices are being handled, packed and shipped in accordance with J-STD 020 and J-STD 033.

Avnet Logistics monitors air conditions and ground conductivity permanently. Every warehouse and product modification operator has to pass and record an ESD protection test on a daily basis. Third party audits performed by suppliers, customers and certification bodies guarantee independently the effectiveness of our ESD control system.

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The economical use of energy and raw materials is a component of our business policy as is the protection of water, ground and air.

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