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Delivering your vision takes world-class logistics

Getting your product in the right position, at the right time to capture demand requires a strong logistics plan and a network to execute flawlessly. It’s never a good feeling wondering where your package is and it feels even worse when it’s your customer that’s asking. Avnet’s logistics network and team of experts is in place to make sure you’re confident that your parts and your products are where they need to be, when they need to be there.

Avnet operates multiple distribution centers in each global region to provide the coverage and presence you need around the world. We can also customize a distribution flow specific to your needs and craft a post-sales solution directly for your end users or to complement your channel.

Avnet’s logistics services include:

  • State-of-the-art distribution centers
  • An extensive transportation network to move your products around the world efficiently
  • Global trade compliance expertise and management to reduce your risk

We work with customers of every size, in every corner of the world, to guide today’s ideas into tomorrow’s technology. How can we help you get from idea to product, and from product to market?

Avnet Logistics is a centralised logistical backbone, who provides warehouse operations, value added and product modification services exclusively to Avnet EMEA sales divisions: 



Avnet Logistics is a driver of high quality, increased efficiency and cost reduction, all of which create significant benefits for the customers of Avnet EMEA. On average, all logistics centres ship around 2 million packages and process more than 3 million customer order line items per year.

Logistics Services

Warehousing and Inventory Management

Warehouse Operations cover all physical product handling: Receiving, Storing, fulfilling Value Added Orders, Shipping and RMA Product management.

Logistics Services

Product Modification Center

With a capacity to program over 40 million units and to tape and reel 45 million units, Avnet Logistics in Poing (Germany) currently operates the largest product modification center in Europe.

Avnet Logistics

Contact Avnet Logistics

Need help? Get connected! Call: +49 8121 7704-0 Email: ALS-info[at]avnet.eu

Quality & Environment

Specialised in handling electronic components, Avnet Logistics facilities provide ESD protection and operate quality management systems based on ISO 9001.

Avnet Logistics

ESD & Moisture Sensitivity

Virtually all materials, even conductors, can be tribo-electrically charged depending on different factors.

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About Avnet EMEA

Quality information

Avnet Logistics in Europe operates Quality Management Systems in accordance with ISO 9001, EN/AS 9120 and ISO 14001.

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About Avnet EMEA

Job openings at Avnet Logistics

Learn more about how you can further your career with Avnet Logistics

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Avnet EMEA

Warehouse locations

Find out more about our different warehouse locations within EMEA