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The energy industry is dynamic and the rise of emerging opportunities in diverse areas means the field is ripe for innovation. What makes energy so unique is that large players and entrepreneurial start-ups are all playing a role in driving next generation applications. Avnet is involved with every facet of the energy transformation and no matter what you’re designing, our experience and broad offering will ensure your application is fully charged for success.

If you serve the energy market, you understand how important longevity is. Products, and those who support them, have to stand the test of time, often in harsh operating environments. Avnet’s been serving energy OEMs for decades and will be with you for decades to come.


Precision components, rugged performance

Whether you deliver energy through a pipeline or the smart grid, you’ll want the latest semiconductor, passive, interconnect and embedded systems. The critical consideration is that these devices need to withstand harsh climate conditions, extreme shock and vibration, as well as be available for a long time.

When you review your requirements with our energy specialists, you’ll appreciate our inventory investments in the products you need. We intentionally stock industrial-grade products that are on long life road maps. As an authorized source for every product we offer, you’ll never be concerned over whether your device will live up to expectations.

Our supplier partners recognize our knowledge of the energy market. They know we work on everything from oil and gas to renewable energy, smart grids, and the charging stations needed to support alternative energy vehicles. Our supplier partners seek our input on market requirements as they develop new products. When we hear of an upcoming device that will have a positive impact on your product, you’ll be the first to hear about it from us.

On the supply side, you can’t afford any disruptions to your bill of materials once your product hits the market. We’ll collaborate with you to develop a tailored supply-chain solution to keep your product flowing and your costs down. This is essential when your product is expected to last for 10 years or more, and is often deployed in remote locations where maintenance is costly.

Transforming the energy industry

Dedicated experts who speak your language

Our technical experts have worked on energy applications for years and understand what it takes for you to be successful. You’ll appreciate this as you integrate new functionality, like connectivity around the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) technology—into your design. For example, you’ll never find us trying to use a product intended for a consumer application in equipment built for the energy market.

Our team brings a number of design tools to accelerate your product design. We have block diagrams and reference designs based on years of successful energy product releases. Avnet has created development tools that bring together all of the components in a system level approach. These fully integrated kits allow you to see how all elements of your system will perform from sensor to processor and even to the cloud if that’s part of your strategy.

Once your design is complete, we’ll take your product through full testing and regulatory certification. We can test the functionality and even perform environmental testing for climate and corrosive chemicals and minerals. When you choose Avnet, you choose a partner that is with you through every stage of your product’s lifecycle.

Every day, Avnet energy specialists are working on designs that are reshaping the market. Ready to deliver the next innovation in the energy market? 

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Power can make or break any electronic product. Avnet offers technical expertise so that you can develop optimal power solutions.


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