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State-of-the-art lighting solutions

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Advancements in LED technology have dynamically changed the landscape in general lighting and enabled incredible innovation in markets such as automotive, healthcare and smart agriculture. The potential is awesome but making it happen is no easy task. Fortunately, Avnet’s expertise and full lighting portfolio makes the process a whole lot easier.

You can count on Avnet LightSpeed to help design, integrate and validate an end-to-end lighting solution to your exact requirements.

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Our Avnet LightLabs are equipped with a variety of measurement and test equipment so you can validate your design and make adjustments when needed. You can take advantage of our equipment investment to get your product completely dialed-in. Our technical experts will lend their years of practical design experience to assist you along the way.

You see the benefit LED or infrared lighting can bring to your application. Your challenge relates to areas like component selection, optic design and thermal management. Fortunately, Avnet’s experts are in place to eliminate the challenge and make your solution a shining star.

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A lighting solution takes more than just high-brightness LEDs

We understand that a lighting solution is made up of a number of different technologies, including:


Keeping up with the latest advancements in these technologies requires a lot of you. The innovation in the lighting space is fast paced, touching everything from new LED substrate materials to integrating sensors and Internet of Things (IoT) functionality into ballasts and luminaires. Working with Avnet LightSpeed ensures you are in the know on the most current products and emerging trends so you can take advantage of what lies ahead.

Avnet partners with industry supply leaders, across each technology, to ensure our robust, on-hand inventory features the most popular lumen and wattage combinations. We also position you for the next generation of your roadmap by strategically investing in emerging products such as LED modules.

We also stock the balance of the required technologies to speed up your development and time to market. No matter what you’re looking for, Avnet has the right products to satisfy your visible and non-visible lighting requirements. See the lighting section of our line card for our complete offering.

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Avnet’s dedicated lighting experts, experience that shines

To develop a lighting application, it takes a specific set of skills and hands-on experience to bring a concept to life. The business development managers at Avnet LightSpeed have both. When you work with our team, you’re working with individuals who’ve delivered technical papers at prestigious lighting conferences, worked for the leading innovators in solid-state lighting and designed numerous lighting applications at OEMs. Their experience becomes your strategic advantage.

Our team takes the time to understand your objective, cover the various design trade-offs and recommend unbiased options to balance budget, performance and development time. From there, we support both your lighting solution and additional functionality such as wireless IoT connectivity. We then can work with our supply-chain, regulatory compliance and integration services teams to help you finish the design and deliver your product to the market.

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Prod Lumileds LUXEON 2835 (RM)



LUXEON 2835 Line is a compact device which allows for design freedom and provides a superior overall system solution when a project requires high lumen output and good efficacy.

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Avnet filters through all of the options to make sense of all things sensors. Our product mix covers every type of sensor you’ll need including motion, proximity, environmental, audio and image.

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Kits & Tools

Development Kits

When you’re designing a new product or solution, the best way to see how your system will perform is by using a tool that integrates all of your key features.



Internet of Things

Avnet brings you every technology and service element you’ll need for success with IoT.

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