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Avnet’s AMICON solution is an ideal way to share key supply chain information when EDI is not a viable option for you. Even without the EDI infrastructure, you can still benefit from efficient B2B data transfers that combine easy upload with rapid availability.  

With our AMICON service, our goal is to provide our partners with accurate supply chain data that can be uploaded into their own IT systems automatically. The data is formatted and optimized to reduce time-consuming and costly administration, as well as the risk of errors common in more manual approaches such as re-keying data.

Avnet’s customers often choose our AMICON service in conjunction with our VMI solution. Along with the benefits of automation and error reduction, you also increase the agility of your supply chain as the two services are optimised to maintain high-speed data transfers.


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RaBET is Avnet’s free, exclusive Rapid Benefits Estimation Tool. With very little customer data, RaBET shows you the true cost savings you will experience by adding Avnet as your supply chain partner.

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Avnet’s Supply Chain Accelerator Program (ASAP) encompasses our whole approach to providing tailored supply chain solutions to our customers.

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