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Supply chain accelerator program

Avnet’s supply chain accelerator program

Avnet’s Supply Chain Accelerator Program (ASAP) encompasses our whole approach to providing tailored supply chain solutions to our customers. Today’s supply chain environment is characterised by speed – speed of information, speed of delivery, speed of reaction, speed of execution – and this will only change in that it accelerates even more. That’s where ASAP comes in. To increase your speed and edge ahead of the competition, you can rely on Avnet to provide you with reliable and efficient solutions that can be implemented fast.
ASAP isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, we work closely with you right from the outset to understand your supply chain challenges and goals, then build a solution to fit your requirements.  

Your challenge is our challenge

With today’s fast-paced, globalised and constantly changing business environment, supply chain challenges continue to grow and increase in complexity.  The five key challenges facing many companies in the electronics industry include:

  •     Total Cost of Ownership
  •     Flexibility and Agility
  •     Reliability
  •     Lean Processes
  •     Risk Management


Most companies are facing at least one of these challenges today as they strive to improve their supply chain while keeping a lid on costs.  And with decades of supply chain expertise, we at Avnet know that today’s supply chain challenge – such as the flexibility to meet changing customer demands – may change tomorrow to liability management, when production changes to a new product.

To help you meet these challenges, Avnet Supply Chain Solutions provides a wealth of tried and tested tools and processes which can help you optimise your supply chain, reduce risk and increase efficiency. Our solutions are both comprehensive and adapted to your needs today as well as in the months and years to come.

Solutions tailored to your exact requirements

Your supply chain is an integral part of your business strategy – and every business is different. That’s why you can be sure that we’ll customise and fine-tune your Avnet supply chain solution until it fulfils your exact requirements.

In our TCO process, which we have used in over 700 engagements across Europe, our supply chain specialists work with you to capture the facts, processes and key metrics that drive your supply chain – so the whole process is based on your business alone.

Once this information has been gathered, our specialists work with you and your Avnet business contacts to develop the right solution for you and your supply chain.

Supply chain management created by professionals

We take a comprehensive approach to optimising your supply chain.
At the heart of your solution is the efficient flow of information, which triggers an action, and the physical flow of products driven by that information.

Our specialist supply chain team harmonises the flow of data and goods and accelerates the implementation of your solution. The team’s years of industry experience in supply chain solutions, combined with its ability to leverage the Avnet organisation’s strong, global support, means it’s available to help you resolve your supply chain challenges today with an efficient and reliable solution.


Ask your Supply Chain Specialist

Our regional Specialists are on hand to help you


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