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If you have a large percentage of inexpensive or slow-moving C items of inventory, you know that the administration cost for them can be higher than the actual value of the components themselves.

This is where Avnet’s Pareto solution comes in. As it provides you with a seamless supply of lower cost components – without the time-consuming admin – it frees you up to focus on A items where there are fewer line items but with a higher value.  Pareto’s robustness, simplicity and ‘plug & play’ implementation makes it a popular choice for companies running demand-driven supply chains.

But that’s not all. The Pareto solution’s advanced technology works seamlessly with your existing legacy systems, so there’s no need for additional capital investment in IT. As a result, Avnet’s Pareto combines innovation with cost-effectiveness – making it very popular with our customers’ IT departments.


Demand driven supply with Pareto

The Pareto solution – how it works

Avnet’s Pareto delivers a fully, automated, end-to-end process that is easy to implement and brings you benefits right from the outset.

  • The line side kanbans for consigned stock are supplied by the distributor
  • Demand is triggered using 2D barcodes and a class 1 Bluetooth scanner The replenishment signal is transmitted to a GPRS base station supplied by the distributor
  • The data packets are transmitted to the distributor via a dedicated Vodafone pipe


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