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Launched in 2006 by the non-profit TICIO organisation, the TICIO data exchange platform helps smaller companies – typically those who are not yet ready to invest in an EDI-based infrastructure – to cut costs and accelerate their supply chain processes. Instead of retyping order information into the different data exchange formats required by different industries, TICIO acts as a sort of “translator” between them.

Ticio allows you to send out orders as a simple Excel spreadsheet, which it then translates into the format required by the supplier, regardless of what industry sector they’re in. The supplier sends back its acknowledgement in its own format, which is translated back into Excel and forwarded on to your company. As a result, the order process is faster, easier, less costly and less error-prone for all parties – and delivers a rapid return on investment, as no special hardware or software is required.

Avnet is a founding member and active supporter of the TICIO organization, which continues development on its subscription-based service.



RaBET is Avnet’s free, exclusive Rapid Benefits Estimation Tool. With very little customer data, RaBET shows you the true cost savings you will experience by adding Avnet as your supply chain partner.

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ASAP Program

Avnet’s Supply Chain Accelerator Program (ASAP) encompasses our whole approach to providing tailored supply chain solutions to our customers.

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