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Battery power is at the heart of how your product operates. In some cases you need your product to run for long as possible between recharges, in others you need short bursts of power stretched out over long periods of time and sometimes you need the power to stay on when everything else has shut down. Then there’s the environment where your product is being used, that has to be accounted for, when designing a battery into your application.

You may not be a chemistry expert when it comes to selecting batteries, fortunately the Avnet’s team is. We know the chemistry, the physics and all the other science behind battery technology and break it down into understandable, actionable information for you. We guide you through the details and help you make decisions so the power never goes out on your application.


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Understanding the core of battery technology

You want a partner that will do more than read you a data sheet about a battery’s features. The Avnet team takes the time to understand your overall system including how and where it will be used. We then recommend the right battery strategy and explain why its best suited for your requirements. We’ve even used our experience to create a variety of integrated battery packs that fit directly into your application.

It’s more than just parallel and serial configurations or Alkaline versus Lithium-Ion, it’s knowing regulatory and handling requirements in the end markets you’re targeting and best practices for environmentally friendly disposal when a replacement is needed. These are just some of the ways working with Avnet gives you a solution and not just a list of parts.

When designing a battery pack, safety is crucial. If a battery overheats or if the power goes too high, the consequences are serious. We’ll show you how to get the highest performance out of your battery pack while making sure it operates safely. When you rely on our experts for support, you’ll get proven advice and the engineering support to make sure everything works as expected.

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A system-level approach to your battery solution

Providing you a complete solution saves you time and ensures all components work together right from the start. This is why our system-level approach also includes circuit protection, power management ICs (PMIC) designed specifically for battery-powered systems, and low-power microcontrollers that are driven by a battery.

We also provide accessories for recharging batteries in mobile devices when the battery pack is removable, or wirelessly when the battery is sealed in the device’s case. We cover all of the major standards for wireless recharging to satisfy whichever option you choose.

  • Our unique solutions integrate batteries and super capacitors to get the most out of your wireless module. and we help you get to market faster by matching your sensing and processing components with the battery in your system.
  • Our strategies, support, and services go way beyond the battery. Avnet’s engineering team collaborates with you so you get the big picture. We discuss options with you on how to extend battery life with the best energy density, especially for equipment used in remote locations where you want maintenance kept to a minimum.
  • Our experience with the Internet of Things (IoT) and wearables in particular will be a great benefit to you when it comes to battery selection. We’ve developed unique solutions that integrate batteries and super capacitors to get the most out of your wireless module. We’ll also help you get to market faster by matching your sensing and processing components with the battery in your system.


We are at the forefront of trends such as miniaturization, and work to have solutions in place before you even ask. A great example is going beyond the battery by providing support for haptic and solar recharging options tied to IoT devices.


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A well-rounded battery ecosystem

You know there is no one size fits all when it comes to battery technology. Minor variances in battery specifications can cause major consequences in product performance if not accounted for. You certainly don’t want your customers complaining because your device can’t hold a charge. Our battery pack solutions cover all of these details so your product stays on when others shut down.

As an authorized source for each of the battery suppliers in our portfolio, Avnet’s relationships mean every detail is covered from specifications to inventory on the shelf. Not only can we recommend the right technical match for your application but also ensure it meets the regulatory requirements of the market.

We invite you to take a moment and review our battery portfolio to see what we offer. To learn more, please contact your local Avnet expert or complete this form and we’ll connect with you shortly.

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