Processing in multiple form factors

You have a lot of great ideas on how to deliver your application to the market. You know consumer and industrial devices come in all sizes and shapes. It’s important for you to have flexible options to meet your customer’s expectations. You also want the ability to differentiate your offering with different levels of performance and configurations. Avnet’s board and module portfolio gives you every option you’ll need, now and into the future. Working with us also gives you and edge when it comes to getting access to the leading suppliers of embedded boards and modules. Avnet is an authorized source for every product we recommend. So what does this mean for you?

  • You know the products we offer come directly from the factory and not the gray market
  • Technical and engineering resources trained and certified equal to the supplier’s engineers

Pre-release access to new product introductions giving you first mover advantage.

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Covering every base so you have the freedom to choose

With Avnet’s deep understanding of processor architectures, industry form factors, and input/output (I/O) configurations, you get the details you need to decide what’s best for your application. We listen to your requirements and provide unbiased guidance regarding the tradeoffs between a System on Modules (SoM), Computer on Modules (CoM) or single board computer (SBC) solution. Our team also takes the rest of the system into account including software, storage and visual solution.

Freedom of choice means a variety of options to choose from. Our selection of boards and modules include ARM®, x86 and other major architectures. For CoM and SBC devices, you can select the amount of system memory to include or you can create an upsell opportunity by letting your customers decide. Click here to learn more.

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Make the right connection with wireless modules

The Internet of Things (IoT) has taken connectivity and data-sharing to a new level, and your customers have come to expect smart products and information on-demand. For this reason, almost every embedded, industrial, and consumer appliance on the market today includes one or more types of connectivity. You’re likely considering a combination of Bluetooth™, Wi-Fi™, ZigBee™, cellular and GPS to make sure your application is always connected. Fortunately, Avnet is here to guide you to the best wireless solution for your product.

Avnet’s wireless module offering ranges from hybrid devices with more than one communication standard supported to cellular modules matched to carriers around the world. Our technical experts are on-hand to help you determine which module is best for your design. We also understand regulatory requirements and will let you know the module to select so you don’t have to invest time and expense gaining network certification.

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Everything you need to complete your design

You want to get your application into the market quickly and don’t have time to search for each system component you need. We offer carrier boards matched to our SoMs and CoMs, industry standard memory modules in a variety of densities and bus widths, and add-on cards to expand features like I/O or sensors. Our wide selection of add-on and expansion cards enables you to create a variety of configurations to help you capture your target market. Click here to learn more.

Need help putting everything together? Our integration services will assemble your appliance to your exact specifications. We’ll also load your software image, add a touch-screen and display or customize the bezel. You can learn more about our value-add services for boards and modules here.

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MSC Technologies: Innovative building blocks from Avnet

Avnet offers a full line of embedded boards, modules and add-on cards developed with your end market in mind. You can quickly build out your application with components that were designed to work together seamlessly. If you’re looking to include cloud connectivity as part of your go-to-market strategy, MSC’s boards are certified to work with the major cloud providers services.

The MSC brand has been synonymous with embedded computing and precision engineering for many years. We don’t rest on the past by delivering next generation solutions ahead of the curve. You’ll have a competitive advantage when put this to work for you.

To learn more, please contact your local Avnet expert or contact the board specialists from MCS and we’ll connect with you shortly.