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Keep the power flowing & heat down

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Heat in sensitive electronic components will lead to problems if not handled correctly. High voltages in industrial solutions need to be switched and filtered. At Avnet, we know it’s more than just poles and throws, convection or conduction cooling: it’s about matching the right products to fit your specific application. Our technical team will show you the best options for a smart lighting fixture, telecommunications appliance or robotic node on the factory floor or whatever else you can imagine.

Working with the Avnet team ensures any potential problem is solved before it has the chance to even happen. We have a profound electromechanical know-how and use our knowledge to guide you to a successful outcome.

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Everything you need to get to market faster

In order to complete your design, you’ll need a combination of active, passive and electromechanical technologies. Working with Avnet helps you bring all of this together from one source saving time, effort and money. While some may offer pieces of the solution, we know it’s easier for you to get everything from one source who understands your entire application.

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As an authorized source for every electromechanical product we offer, we’ll share the latest innovations, such as devices that handle high current in smaller package sizes. We’ll also put our strong supplier partnerships to work for you in the form of a well-rounded on-hand inventory and a solid factory pipeline to fulfill your supply requirements. We use what we learn in design to make sure we’re prepared for your inventory needs. We’re with you through every step of the journey to get your product to market, handling all of the details so you can focus on innovation.

Electromechanical technologies

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Designing the solution to capture your target market

When you’re ready to start laying out the details for your board or system, we’ll share reference designs and block diagrams that are specific to your design, including the electromechanical components you’ll need. Our experts will also assist you with any modifications or customization requirements you have, leveraging their years of design experience.

We’ll then take you through the steps for regulatory approval and certifications. If you want to sell your products in other markets, we’ll use our global reach to help you get the regulatory approvals you need. Having Avnet as your global partner really streamlines the process for you.

Avnet has the knowledge, experience and offering to make the electromechanical portion of your design work the way you want it, along with the components and services you’ll need to get your product to market profitably.

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Power can make or break any electronic product. Avnet offers technical expertise so that you can develop optimal power solutions.

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PV® series trimming potentiometers

Bourns has introduced the lead sealed PV Series of Trimpot Trimming Potentiometers which are available in both top and side adjustments.

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