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Power right from the genuine source

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Power, it’s a requirement for every piece of equipment or product you develop. Sometimes you need AC-DC and/or onboard DC-DC power to drive industrial, communications, healthcare or lighting systems. Other times you need to maintain long term power in a portable or remote sensor as part of an Internet of Things (IoT) solution.

The important thing is you need to get your power right to get maximum performance. Avnet’s experts will help you match technologies aligned with your requirements to deliver the right solution without exceeding your power budget.

We’ll show you the right power solution whether you’re designing power components onto your board or using an AC/DC supply in your system.

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A wide selection gives you the power to choose

Build or buy? Custom design or off-the-shelf supply? These are some of the questions you’ll consider as you design power into your system. Avnet’s broad offering gives you the ability to weigh the options with our team and decide what works best for you. Check out these options by clicking the links in the table below:

Power Supplies

  • AC/DC
  • DC/DC (isolated)
  • Point of Load DC/DC (non-isolated)
  • Switching Regulators (non-Isolated)
  • AC/DC and DC/DC LED Driver modules
  • Batteries and Battery Packs
  • AC/DC External Adapters

Power Components

  • LED Driver IC
  • Power Management IC (PMIC)
  • Battery Management IC
  • Power Conversion IC
  • Energy Harvesting IC
  • Passive Components 
  • Power Magnetics

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The power of experience and knowledge at work for you

Where do you start when you’re ready to design power for your system? When you work with our team, we’ll not only show you where to start but also bring the right tools to get the job done quickly. We’ll give you unbiased recommendations based on years of power supply design experience and the close relationships we have with the leading suppliers in each of the categories we cover. Our engineering teams are seen as peers by our supplier’s technical staff. Our product management team works with the factories to ensure a robust pipeline is in place insuring uninterrupted production.

Our experts in power electronics are factory trained and certified. They’ve also spent many years designing power supplies for industrial, communications, healthcare, transportation and lighting applications just to name a few. They’ll share reference designs developed by our team, specific to your application, and matched to your processor, programmable logic, memory and analog signal chain.

If you’re designing a system, we’ll work with you on a system-level approach to power. We’ll not only give you guidance on the power supply itself, we’ll also show you the best approach to thermal management such as fanless conduction cooling. We work together on the big picture, not just an isolated piece of the overall application.

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Tools and services power up your design

It’s our job to show you how to fit all of the technologies together to create a power supply that best fits your product. We’ll take you through different software design tools to help you fine tune your power design. We also provide hardware development tools so you can test how your power drives the specific processor and supporting devices you’ve selected.

If you’re at the very beginning of the process and just trying to learn about your power options, our technical workshops cover all of the key technologies in a market specific application. Our team has also authored a variety of application notes and white papers on power supply design. Some of these are created by our team and others in collaboration with supplier partners.

We’re also able to help you customize your power supply design. We can make custom connector modifications, mount the power supply in a custom enclosure and also conduct a variety of performance tests on your device.

When you’re finished with the design, we’ll assist you with regulatory certification. We’ll also do a complete system build for you in our ISO certified integration centers.

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While power may be the last thing you design, working with Avnet means it gets done right—the first time. Get started today by contacting your local Avnet expert. Check the office locations of our EMEA business units.


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