Flexible, programmable devices

Your innovative system is versatile and feature rich. Avnet will show you how to build it using state-of-the-art programmable technology. You’ll deliver breakthrough performance without exceeding your power or cost budgets. Avnet’s technical expertise, design experience, and fully integrated development tools and reference designs can bring your precision application to life.

By partnering with Avnet, we’ll take the complexity out of integrating programmable logic into your product and show you how to leverage Intellectual Property (IP) cores to take it to the next level.

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Next generation performance today

Avnet partners with the world’s leaders in programmable logic and gives you direct access to devices built on process technologies ranging from 14nm to 28nm. This allows you to pack a lot of features into a small space and consume low power.

Our factory trained and certified field application engineers will show you how to customize the functional blocks so you can:

  • Include a large number of I/O for connecting peripherals
  • Add large blocks of memory for handling a significant amount of data
  • Combine processor cores and application specific IP for analysis and execution


If your goal is to reach end markets such as Communications, Aerospace and Defense, Transportation or Industrial Automation, we offer programmable logic devices created specifically for those segments. Additionally you’ll appreciate how programmable devices concurrently manage algorithms and processing simultaneously in Embedded Vision, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Cloud Computing infrastructure applications.

For designs requiring a higher degree of performance, we’ve got the answer with System-on-Chip (SoC) components. Avnet takes these parts one step further with a family of System-on-Modules (SoM) that are production ready to get your product to market faster.

Programmable logic components

Every tool you’ll need to build your innovative application

Avnet has all the software tools, development platforms and reference designs to jump start your design process. We’ll teach you how to use these tools to shorten your design cycle and get the most out of the features in your target device. Avnet has made these strategic investments to support you every step of the way.

You will be able to test your code in a real world environment with Avnet’s portfolio of development platforms. There are specific platforms for each device family offered by our suppliers and accompanying add-on cards and modules so you can build out and test all of the functions in your design. Avnet's development tool engineering team work directly with our suppliers product line engineers to create these platforms that enable you to more easily design your solution.

To give you a head start, we’ve teamed up with the complimentary technology partners on our line card to create hardware reference designs and sample code to run on them. You’ll get full access to detailed application notes and step-by-step tutorials so you get a system level experience as you create your masterpiece.

Avnet also works closely with third party companies that develop IP addressing a wide range of functions and market applications. For example, we work with object recognition IP specialists so you can create security and surveillance appliances that will differentiate you in the market. We also can show you how to add wireless connectivity covering a wide range of standards to give your product an added boost. We validate all of these functions so you can focus on development and not figuring out how to make the pieces fit together.

programmable logic solutions

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Deep dive technical training to make you an expert in no time

Whether you’re brand new to programmable logic or a veteran looking to stay sharp, you’ll benefit from our SpeedWay Design Workshops™. These aren’t drawn out marketing presentations covering the data sheet, we deliver technical lectures and hands on labs using the same hardware you’ll use at work.

Our workshops are led by the same people who’ve created the development platforms and reference designs. They’ll teach you the best practices they’ve mastered around code development, system level design techniques and functional testing and validation. You’ll get individual attention during the workshop and continue to get local support afterwards.

When your goal is to create a fully-customized design that gives your customers an incredible experience, Avnet is the partner you need. Get started today by contacting your local Avnet expert. Check the office locations of our EMEA business units.



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Working with Avnet lets you focus on what you do best, innovate. Our complementary resources allow you to leverage what we do best so your applications win in the market.

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