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More and more, you’re designing products to interact or react to the surrounding environment. This is what’s putting the ‘edge’ in edge devices that are driving the Internet of Things (IoT). You want precision performance in near real time. This requires the most advanced sensor components to make it happen.

Avnet filters through all of the options to make sense of all things sensors. Our product mix covers every type of sensor you’ll need including motion, proximity, environmental, audio and image. We go the extra mile with experienced technical experts and sensor design tools to help you quickly create a complete sensor signal chain.

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A sensor for all locations and situations

Your products operate in a lot of interesting environments and you need sensors that match. Most likely you’ll need more than one type of sensor to make your application work. By partnering with Avnet, you’ll access a full range of sensor technology in either discrete components or integrated modules, including:

Not sure where to get started? Our technical team will help you navigate through the details to match the right performance features with your objectives.

The tools you’ll need to build your sensor signal chain

The sensor lies at one of end of the signal chain and your processing solution is at the other. Avnet’s factory trained and certified technical team helps you connect the dots with components optimized for your design. We’ll show you a variety of proven block diagrams, share an unbiased assessment of the tradeoffs as they relate to your application and walk you through the details on layout.

You’ll want to evaluate different sensor solutions in a development environment. We’ll help you refine your code to get the most out of the data being captured. To get the job done, Avnet’s created development tools that include a number of sensor shield add-on cards in different form factors. Our sensor add-on cards cover the entire range of sensor types, including high resolution image sensing, and often integrate more than one sensor type on the add-on card.

If you’re just getting started with sensor technology or looking to stay current on new design techniques, you’ll want to check out our technical library. Our experts have authored white papers, application notes and case studies on sensor technology based on practical experience. These aren’t just theory, they come from years of experience designing sensor systems for a wide range of markets. We share best practices for getting your precision sensor signal chain right the first time. Our practical experience means you get the insight and knowledge you need to create visionary products.

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Making sense of the supplier landscape

As an authorized source for the major sensor producers, Avnet keeps it all straight for you, eliminating disruptions in your design efforts and supply chain. Avnet also partners with emerging suppliers to offer you the new technologies that set your product apart.

Of course, you’ll need more than sensors to make all of this work. Our analog signal chain, power management, and processing portfolios give you a complete palette to create your masterpiece. We actively stock each of these technologies so you can quickly move from concept through design and right to market release and beyond.

Get started today by contacting your local Avnet expert. Check the office locations of our EMEA business units.


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Integrated Solutions

We offer numerous fully integrated hardware platform options and a suite of services to support you from creating your appliance to delivering to market.

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Sensor network module evaluation kit

The Sensor Network Module concept is one of the smallest available on the market and includes motion, communication and environmental sensors in an ultra-compact package.


Internet of Things

Avnet brings you every technology and service element you’ll need for success with IoT.

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Pressure Sensors

The Design Engineers’ Guide

Read our comprehensive field guide to pressure sensors, developed to help you understand the technologies and find the sensor that is right for your design.

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