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You really want your system to standout in the market. You want maximum performance, unbreakable security and a user interface that keeps your customers completely engaged. Navigating through the layers of the software stack to make this happen requires a partner that understands all software components. Avnet is ready to support you every step of the way:

  • Providing technical guidance and tools for developing your entire software solution stack.
  • Simplifying the licensing and transaction processes.
  • Offering ecosystem partners with a range of skills to take on projects.
  • Delivering services to support image loading, collecting royalties and end user support.
Software solutions

Avnet covers each layer of the software stack with technologies and experts to match

  • A Full Suite of Operating System Platforms: There’s more than one way to approach a design and lots of factors that’ll influence your decision. Our team is well versed in all of the major operating systems and will help you determine which will enable the functionality you want to deliver.

    We’ll show you how your system will perform when the operating system is running on your processor architecture. We’ll also cover board support packages (BSP) so your board and operating system smoothly fit together.
  • Middleware: The Tie that Binds: There are lots of ‘moving parts’ in the layer between your operating system and the application layer with the user interface. The middleware in your system will include drivers and interfaces that connect with the different components of your design.

    Our team will walk you through the steps to achieve the required interoperability which is especially critical for Internet of Things (IoT) solutions.
  • The Look and Feel that Keep Your Customers Coming Back: The best user interfaces are that ones that include eye catching graphics and intuitive navigation. You want the best and we know how to get you there.

    We’ll show you how to implement responsive designs to give your customers a consistent experience across their PC, tablet and mobile devices. We’ll share best practices for connecting data bases and other underlying applications to really make your application shine.
  • Development Tools Bring All the Pieces Together: To create bug free code and keep it fresh, you’ll need tools for writing your code, emulating it in your environment, debugging and other tasks.

    We’re your source for software development kits (SDK), emulators and the rest of the tool chain. Our experts will get you up and running quickly and answer any questions you have along the way.

We’re able to guide you through the software development process no matter how you deliver your application. We work with developers who design from the chip level up, use embedded hardware, a finished server or build apps to run in the cloud. Avnet has the complete stack and experts to help you get your software code up and running. We’ll make sure every part of your software image performs the way you want it to.

We cut the red tape when it comes to software licensing

The thought of working through contracts, licensing options and pricing models is probably not something you look forward to. We get it and have a team of licensing experts who’ll explain the different options and help you make the best selection.

You’ll really appreciate our ability to bring together multiple software vendors and show you how to streamline end user licensing agreements (EULA). Avnet even has services to take care of this on your behalf. Your customers won’t know that we’re handling the details and you’ll deliver a smooth engagement without taking on the work yourself.

software technology

A network of partners ready to fill gaps

Sometimes you find yourself in a situation where your team doesn’t have the skills to address a specific requirement or there’s no available bandwidth to tackle a project. No reason to panic or put your product on hold, our partner ecosystem will jump in and deliver the pieces you need.

Avnet has a detailed and through process for vetting our ecosystem. We stand behind the partners we connect you with and take responsibility to make sure the work is done on-time and on budget.

software technology

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Services to get your solution to market quickly

We’ve got you covered with services to load your image at our ISO certified integration centers, provide you with secure VPN access to load security keys or other Intellectual Property (IP) and push updates to units already in the field. On the business side, we’ll manage licensing and fee collection for you.

For every stage of your product’s lifecycle, Avnet has a service to get your product into the market and achieve your revenue and profit goals.

Avnet is your source for end-to-end software solutions. Get started today by contacting your local Avnet expert. Check the office locations of our EMEA business units.


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