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Support for building innovation

You’re ready to create your product, one destined to capture your target market. As you review your operation, you’ll probably find a need for production support beyond your current capabilities. Avnet’s value-add and integration services extend your operation without a capital investment or taking time to start up a new internal process. Nothing will slow you down when you use Avnet’s services to reach your objective.

Our value-added and integration services include:

  • The ability to customize a number of different technologies for your requirements.
  • Programming your devices with your code or third party Intellectual Property (IP).
  • End-to-end hardware integration and software configuration to build you appliance or server.
  • High volume interconnect and cable assembly for both military and commercial grade products.


To make your product standout, our custom services will make the inside or outside of your product just the way you want it. Any modifications or enhancements we make to product are done with the approval of the device supplier. You don’t have to worry about voiding a warranty when you use Avnet as your customization partner. Avnet is an authorized source for all products we offer. We’ve developed deep supplier relationships and quite often they refer customers to us for customization work based on the quality and customer service we deliver.

Device programming

Avnet is recognized for our high quality and efficiency when it comes to device programming. Whatever package your device comes in, we have the right system to program them. You won’t have to worry about security either as we employ the most rigid standards to protect your code from tampering or inappropriate access. You’ll also find that outsourcing programming to Avnet is cost effective, leading to a positive impact to your bottom line.

Integration and configuration

Avnet’s global integration centers are all ISO certified and run on a shared manufacturing system. When you use our centers you have instant access to documented quality and reach into every region around the world. Working with Avnet makes sense whether you’re looking to supplement your internal resources or want a turnkey solution for delivering your software application on a hardware platform.

Interconnect assembly

Building interconnects within and between products is a necessity but not necessarily your core competency. You can turn this process over to Avnet and rely on us to build just what you need. We have the equipment and expertise to assemble connectors and cable assemblies to the manufacturer’s exact specifications or to your drawing. We are also fully qualified for the most popular military and aerospace specification connectors if you require this level of performance or ruggedness.

Avnet Logistics

As an independent business unit, Avnet Logistics delivers clearly defined services to the European distributors within Avnet EMEA.

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Supply Chain Solutions

Our industry-recognised supply chain experts can help you assess your supply chain health and manage future expansion.

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