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Values that influence every action - Mixed Media

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Avnet’s culture is based on deep-rooted values: integrity, ingenuity, empathy, objectivity, know-how and collaboration. These values can be traced back to the character and integrity of Charles Avnet, who founded the company nearly a century ago. Today, they influence our every action, resulting in a workforce of more than 14,000 individuals committed to doing the right thing – in each and every endeavor.

Beginning with transparency in our policies, procedures and transactions, we reinforce our commitment to doing what’s right through regular training sessions and strong internal controls. It’s not just how we do business, but how we expect our partners to do business at every point through the supply chain.

Avnet ethics

A pledge of transparency - Mixed Media

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A pledge of transparency

Avnet’s ethics and compliance program puts principles into practice both inside the walls of Avnet and beyond. It starts with a strong Code of Conduct, but also includes legal compliance and ethics training; internal investigations; and an Ethics Alertline that allows individuals to report potential misconduct anytime and anywhere.

Our values also govern the partnerships we keep. Avnet is committed to upholding basic human rights in all of its operations, and is taking steps to work toward a conflict-free supply chain. Additionally, Avnet obligates all supply-chain partners to prohibit modern slavery, child labor and human trafficking.

Avnet governance

Ethics and Governance - Call Out

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“We want to do what’s right and responsible, not just what’s financially successful and meets the letter of the law. Rather than just avoiding potential legal and ethical misconduct, we want to be a leader in preventing it.” Harvey Woodford, chief ethics and compliance officer

Ethics Alertline

Available 24/7 to employees, vendors, suppliers, customers and any third parties worldwide to report compliance and ethics-related concerns

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A World's Most Ethical Company

Recognized by the Ethisphere® Institute 2014 - 2018

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Code of Conduct - Code of Conduct - Grid

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Code of Conduct

Doing business the right way

Details on how we conduct ourselves in every aspect of business.

Business Policies and Quality Certificates - Certifications - Grid

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View our business policies and quality certificates

We've set the bar for incorporating quality elements into our processes.

Conflict-free Supply Chain - Human Rights - Grid

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Human Rights

A conflict-free supply chain is our priority

We believe our customers should be fully informed about the products they purchase.

Modern Slavery - Ethics and Governance - Grid

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Human Rights

Modern slavery and human trafficking

Avnet’s Global policy against human trafficking, modern slavery and child labor.