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Avnet Integrated is a long-standing partner with Intel in multiple areas. Avnet Integrated works closely with Intel in the development of our /MSC range of embedded boards and systems, incorporating the latest Intel chipsets and technology. This long-standing relationship with Intel has yielded innovative solutions from boards and chassis, to complete Intel® Data Center Block systems. A wide range of customer applications are also supported and enabled through Avnet Integrated’s technical expertise utilizing, configuring, and distributing Intel® NUCs (Next Unit of Computing); small form factor PCs with full computing capabilities and Intel’s market-leading memory and storage components.

Avnet Inc. is a Member of the Intel® IoT Solutions Alliance. A global ecosystem of more than 800 industry leaders, the Alliance offers its Members unique access to Intel technology, expertise, and go-to-market support—accelerating deployment of best-in-class solutions.

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Intel Processors

Avnet Integrated utilizes a wide range of Intel processors in both its Data Center and Embedded computing solutions. 

Intel® Core™ Processors

Avnet Integrated uses Intel’s latest Core processors when designing solutions for customers that demand high power processing at the edge. From video analytics to AI, and from live rendering to 4K (and above) outdoor displays, our innovation teams know what works best for the purpose and can design, create and integrate hardware for customers, reducing time to market and giving their product the advantage over competitors.

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Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors

Avnet Integrated uses Intel’s Xeon processors to optimize server designs or embedded computing where data needs to be accessed and processed quickly, but where power and space are limited. The Intel® Xeon® Scalable platform provides the foundation for a powerful data center platform that creates an evolutionary leap in agility and scalability. Disruptive by design, this innovative processor sets a new level of platform convergence and capabilities across compute, storage, memory, network, and security.

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Intel® Atom® Processors

Avnet Integrated uses Intel’s Atom processors for energy efficient servers, edge devices, and also for battery-powered solutions. These processors deliver advanced technology and processing capabilities onto an ultra-thin and lightweight design. Now it’s possible to get things done faster than ever.

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Intel® Celeron® Processors

Intel’s Celeron processors are perfect for simple processing tasks where efficiency and reliability are most important. Avnet Integrated uses Celeron processors for applications such as simple media servers or portable workstations.

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Intel Server Products

Intel® Data Center Blocks (Intel® DCB)

Intel® Data Center Blocks (Intel® DCB) make it easier to adopt, qualify, and sell the latest Intel® technology, helping you address the demands of today's data centers. Choose from workload-optimized, pre-configured system or customize a server for your unique needs. Avnet Integrated works with Intel to define and configure these Data Center Blocks for your needs.

Intel® Server Boards

Intel’s Server Boards are designed for performance data center applications with focus on security. Built on the Intel’s Xeon® Processor family, the server boards are designed for applications from small business storage, networking and hosting up to hyperconverged infrastructure, and high performance computing applications that need to handle large amounts of data.

Intel ® Server Systems and Chassis

Intel’s range of server systems and chassis are designed to provide rack-mounted or pedestal solutions for Intel’s Server Boards that are scalable and reliable. Avnet Integrated uses these systems and chassis to build configure-to-order solutions for our customers.

Intel® RAID

The Intel® RAID product portfolio enables custom storage solutions for unique business needs. Intel® RAID components are validated across multiple platforms with Intel boards, chassis, and systems for seamless installation and interoperability. Avnet Integrated uses Intel® RAID solutions to create customized data storage solutions for customers based on individual requirements.

Intel® Visual Compute Accelerator 2 (Intel® VCA 2)

The Intel® Visual Compute Accelerator 2 (Intel® VCA 2) is built to address the surging growth of video creation and delivery, data center and cloud graphics, and new immersive media experiences. Avnet Integrated utilizes the Intel® VCA 2 for industries like telecommunication service providers and OTT content providers, as well as bespoke video solutions.

Introducing: Intel® Data Center Solutions Premier Partner Support

Get world-class onsite break-fix support, parts delivery, re-work, and repair for Intel server products through the Intel® Data Center Solutions Premier Support Partner Program.

Organizations today struggle with getting professional service providers experienced with solving technical hardware issues to provide support onsite. So that you can operate worry-free, through an extensive qualification process, Intel has created partnerships with world-class service providers.

Certified Intel Premier Support Partners are trained on Intel server products and have direct access to Intel’s technical engineering support teams. Plus, Intel DPSPs have quick access to Intel spare parts and accessories to support service warranties so that businesses can get the fixes needed to keep the business running.

Fast on-site response delivery

  • Rapid response 
  • Predictable repair times
  • Quick access to spares and accessories to support service warranties

Performed by trained Intel technology experts

  • Trained on all Intel server products
  • Supported by Intel engineering technical support

Trusted by Intel, worry-free for you

  • Qualified by Intel Datacenter Solutions Group and held to the highest of quality and safety standards
  • Adheres to all Intel, OSHA and regional safety standards

Vetted world-class customer service

  • Customer satisfaction scores vetted and monitored by Intel Datacenter Solutions Group

Intel Memory and Storage

Avnet Integrated uses Intel®’s various memory and storage solutions in everything from large scale data center solutions to powerful edge-based and client systems.

Solid State Drives (SSD)

Solid State Drives (SSDs) set the standard for storage performance, stability, efficiency, and low-power consumption. With no moving parts, Intel’s rugged SSDs are excellent for use in devices and for applications that require speed and reliability.

Intel® Optane™ Memory

This game-changing technology intelligently accelerates new 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processor-based systems while affordably maintaining mega-storage capacity, to deliver a responsive computer experience with short boot times, fast application launches, and instant data access and processing. Avnet Integrated uses Optane memory to unlock high speed computing applications at the edge where large amounts of data need to be absorbed, analyzed and accessed on the fly.

Intel® Optane™ DC Persistent Memory

The new Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory redefines traditional architectures, offering a large, and persistent memory tier at affordable cost. Intel® Optane™ DC persistent memory—combined 2nd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors—provides breakthrough performance levels in memory-intensive workloads, virtual machine density, and fast storage capacity.

Intel NUC products

Short for ‘Next Unit of Computing’, Intel® NUCs are small form factor PCs designed to pack lots of power into a very small footprint. Ranging from entry-level for desktop use through to high power rugged NUCs for industrial applications, the range is also available either pre-built or as elements so systems can be built from scratch. Avnet Integrated uses NUCs for a wide range of applications for its customers, often as part of a wider deployment for our customers.

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Introducing COM HPC

COM HPC is the latest high performance computing solution from Avnet Integrated, built with Intel chips.

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Visual AI with Intel

We build edge-based video AI solutions for our customers using the latest Intel technology.

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