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Avnet Integrated is a Lenovo OEM Gold Tier partner with over 100 years of combined OEM experience offering both Data Center Group (DCG) which specializes in servers, storage, networking and software solutions, and the Intelligent Devices Group (IDG) which specializes in IoT & PC devices like the Nano. Our partnership has led to Lenovo leading with Avnet and positioning Direct Connect as a primary offering in their portfolio.  Lenovo believes that Direct Connect is a great new way to help ISVs and have named their offering ON DEMAND powered by Direct Connect. The Lenovo OEM sales team has been promoting Direct Connect since September and are continuously looking for ways to expand our relationship. More information around this program can be downloaded from the one pager or infographic below.

About Lenovo's OEM Solutions

  • Hardware that is #1 in reliability and customer satisfaction*
  • 3rd party component testing and certification, along with parts sourcing
  • Supply chain excellence ranked top 25 by Gartner with 6 fully owned/ controlled manufacturing sites, ensuring your hardware is secure
  • Multiple ways to test your solution, from evaluation hardware to remote testing via our innovation lab
  • Long life servers providing your business continuity for up to 60 months
  • Program managers to ensure a seamless product launch and a stable product throughout the life of your solution
  • Generic or custom branding of the system bezel, carton, agency and carton labels, and firmware
  • Standard global warranty without the hassle of submitting paperwork when exporting to one of the 165 countries we support
  • Design consultation to help you with configuration, performance, thermal, and firmware tuning; plus any other challenge you might face
  • Trusted partners to ensure your product is integrated properly and ready to go to market

Our Solutions with Lenovo

Below are a few examples of the technology we offer with Lenovo. 


Suitable for a variety of edge-based or client purposes, the ThinkCentre Nano series is smaller than a paperback book, while the ThinkCentre Tiny is about the same size as a hardback book. Perfect for driving digital displays, kiosks and IoT applications. 

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Lenovo ThinkStation Workstations

Professional grade workstations for critical industries like healthcare and security. 

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Lenovo ThinkSystem Edge Servers

Lenovo produces a range of its ThinkSystem servers specifically for the Edge. They provide a variety of connectivity and security options in a footprint suited to on-location data handling.

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Blade, Tower, Rack Server & Mission Critical Servers

A wide array of servers built to fit into standard form factors to achieve a range of specific duties. Each can be fully customised for the desired purpose and environment, and deployed all over the world. 

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Lenovo Storage Solutions

Lenovo's storage solutions range includes Storage-Area-Network, Direct-Attached Storage and Tape Storage.

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A simpler and more profitable path to market for companies developing software applications

Today, software companies are forced to choose between achieving higher profit margins and making it easy and efficient for their customers to get their applications.

Why Avnet DirectConnect and Lenovo?

Your company is focused on developing groundbreaking applications that reach maximum potential in user experience. Offering your application as a turnkey, Lenovo-based solution means not only performance benefits for your customers, but reduced support costs for your business.
Avnet Direct Connect is a financial service that offers a low to no touch model for hardware transactions with your customers. For companies looking for the tangible benefits of a plug and play solution, while maintaining the financial advantages of a software-only model, Avnet Direct Connect and Lenovo can help strike that balance.

How can this engagement model work for you?

Avnet Direct Connect helps streamline your operations by eliminating the management of hardware transactions in one of two ways:
Dual transaction model: your company handles the software application transaction. Your end customer purchases their license or subscription from you and then purchases an integrated Lenovo hardware solution (loaded with your application) from Avnet.
Single transaction model: Avnet handles solution transactions on your company’s behalf so your end customer can purchase the complete integrated solution, with your application loaded, from Avnet, in a single transaction.

In either model, Avnet facilitates all aspects of the financial transaction including credit extension, order management and more with your company’s end customer or reseller. We can even create a customized B2B marketplace for your customers to configure and purchase your solution. Your Lenovo-based solution is then delivered directly to your end user.


Get to market like never before!

Download our infographic to learn how Avnet Integrated and Lenovo can handle the hardware while you focus on your software. 


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Find the perfect server solution - every time

Read more about our approach to appliance innovation and how we build the perfect device for our customers every time.

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Get to market like never before

Download our infographic to learn how Avnet Integrated and Lenovo can handle the hardware while you focus on your software.


Server solutions for software businesses

Let us handle the hardware while you focus on your software with DirectConnect

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