Microsoft and Avnet Integrated

Avnet Integrated is a long-standing partner with Microsoft in multiple areas. Avnet Integrated works closely with Microsoft in the sales of Windows IoT embedded licensing and Azure cloud services. Avnet is also the first and only distributor of the Azure Sphere secure connected MCU. Avnet’s IoTConnect platform as a services and product suite of IoT SaaS solutions are based on Azure cloud technology. Find out more about the specific Microsoft technologies we integrate, and get in touch if you want to know how Avnet Integrated can help you to meet your business challenge using Microsoft technology.

Microsoft Windows licensing through Avnet Integrated

Avnet helps customers guide today’s ideas into tomorrow’s technology. We design and make for start-ups – the technology dreamers poised to come up with the next big thing in the Internet of Things (IoT). And we supply and deliver for the contract manufacturers, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and large enterprises that need stocked shelves around the world.

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Solutions powered by Microsoft Azure IoT

Avnet has built IoT SaaS solutions and IoTConnect platform using Microsoft Azure IoT cloud services. Avnet also has Data Solutions services which help our Data Center and Embedded computing customers accelerate their business through services such as cloud migration, hybrid cloud implementation, backup and recovery and data center migration.

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SaaS Smart application for IoT

Organizations of all types are under increasing pressure to deliver high quality products and services while keeping costs low—and for many, this process can be helped through the power of IoT. It’s hard to balance the investments you should make for tomorrow with the business pressures for ROI happening today, and to launch a solution quicker than the competition.

Smart applications harness the actionable insights necessary to gain the most value out of an implementation and even customize them based on the needs of a specific industry. Whether it be reduced energy consumption in a smart building or predictive maintenance notifications to reduce machine downtime on the factory floor, the analysis of data offers users clear alerts and recommendations to turn insights into actions.

Considering investments in IoT can be quite large so the cost of failure, Avnet’s smart solutions combine advanced software capability with state-of-the-art silicon component technologies that are tried and true. Because we’ve tackled challenges like yours before, we are able to speed time to market—and value—through customized, off the shelf SaaS products.

Go from streamlined data to strategic decision making by:

· Analyzing the potential value of IoT implementation
· Investing the least possible amount of hardware, software, data and labor
· Achieving the maximum dollars-and-cents impact
· Increasing the value of their data

What’s more, working with our smart applications also includes the benefits of working with Avnet’s global electronic components and integration businesses: sourcing, manufacturing services, supply chain and logistics. Use as much or as little of these services needed to complete the customization of these smart applications to make them perfect for any, or many, use cases.

Avnet Solutions Powered By Azure Sphere

The Avnet Azure Sphere MT3620 Starter Kit supports rapid prototyping of highly secure, end-to-end IoT implementations using Microsoft’s Azure Sphere. The small form-factor carrier board includes a production-ready MT3620 Sphere module with WiFi connectivity, along with multiple expansion interfaces for easy integration of off-the-shelf sensors, displays, motors, relays, and more. The downloadable getting started tutorial guides developers through the development steps from board setup to application coding.


Avnet Guardian 100 is a wireless edge module that uses Azure Sphere to deliver secure connectivity to devices, helping businesses get the most out of their existing equipment investments. Guardian 100 includes Avnet’s Azure Sphere MT3620 module and securely connects to existing equipment via Ethernet or USB providing a secure connection to the internet via dual band Wi-Fi. The Azure Sphere device in Guardian, communicates with the cloud, not the device, therefore, protecting equipment from attack, ensuring data is only transmitted between trusted cloud and device communications partners, and ensuring the software of the module and the equipment remains intact and secured. Avnet Guardian-enabled devices also receive automatic security updates through the Azure Sphere Security Service. With Avnet Guardian, enterprise customers can more confidently connect existing devices to the cloud, helping them to operate more efficiently, drive innovation, and create a better customer experience.

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Avnet is your one partner for IoT. We can help organizations of any size create connected devices that run safer, smarter and more efficiently.

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