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In addition to using standard components and solutions from our partners, Avnet Integrated also designs, manufactures and assembles its own embedded boards and systems entirely in-house under the brand-name MSC (formerly MSC Technologies GmbH). 

Avnet Integrated's MSC range of boards and systems are designed and manufactured in our Technology Campuses in Germany to the highest industrial standards. We manufacture one of the world's widest ranges of embedded modules in all of the main design standards, including SMARC, COM Express and the latest COM-HPC format. In addition to producing standard formats, we can also design and manufacture completely custom formats for our customers, fitting computational capabilities around the design of the product. 

If you're looking to move from 'chip-down' to a module-based design solution without compromise, then Avnet Integrated's MSC range is the best place to start. Using our SimpleFlex platform, engineers can specify their basic compute and I/O requirements, and Avnet Integrated can quickly combine a standard module with a custom carrier board to give engineers the perfect hardware solution in a much faster timescale. SimpleFlex can also be combined with Avnet Integrated's SimpleFlex display configuration platform for a fast, reliable way to get the perfect HMI (human-machine interface) for your product or solution. 

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Developing in accordance with industry standards

The wide range of embedded modules in the COM Express™, Qseven®, SMARC™ and nanoRISC® form factors are based on the x86 or ARM Cortex Ax processor architectures. In particular for high speed designs, DDRx SDRAMs, PCI Express™ and USB 3.0 interfaces, front-side buses and special graphic functions are available. In addition to the development of FPGA / FPGA SOC, innovative and cost-optimized circuit-board designs, e.g. flex designs, can be implemented.

Depending on the customer requirement, the processor modules are developed in accordance with the industrial or medical standard or special EMC requirements. In addition to a thermal and functional simulation, a signal integrity test will be performed. Thermal screening can be done on products to select them for particular non-standard environmental conditions. Various operating systems are supported, with Microsoft® Windows®, Windows® Embedded and Linux as standard.

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Introducing COM-HPC

COM HPC is the latest high performance embedded computing solution from Avnet Integrated.

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MSC C6C-AL module

COM Express™ Modules

COM Express™, an open Computer-on-Module standard defined and maintained by the PICMG® (PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group), with its different form factors and pin-outs offers the widest scalability in computing performance.

SMARC™ Module

SMARC™ Modules

SMARC ("Smart Mobility ARChitecture") is a versatile small form factor computer module definition targeting applications that require low power, low costs, and high performance.

MSC Q7-AL module

Qseven™ Modules

Qseven™ has in recent years become the most widely adopted new standard for small form factor modules, specifically targeted towards applications that demand low power consumption.

nanoRISC® module

nanoRISC® Modules

The nanoRISC® module standard has been created for applications requiring a small form factor and lowest power consumption. These modules can be used as a processing supercomponent, while users only need to add application-specific periphery.

All of our modules are designed and developed by industry-leading experts and manufactured at one of our world-class facilities.  Our modules are trusted by governments, hospitals, airlines and other demanding industries and applications all over the world. 

We use the highest quality manufacturing methods to create the industry’s most reliable hardware, designed to fit into any product or solution.  Avnet Integrated can work with businesses to develop a full solution including standard or custom board modules, displays, input and output hardware, wireless communications and even develop full IoT infrastructures to support products. 

Use the contact form to tell us about your needs.  Whether you require off-the-shelf standard modules or something more bespoke, we will work with you to understand your goals and make that you get the quality and support you need. 

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