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COM Express Overview


COM Express™ is an open Computer-on-Module standard defined and maintained by the PICMG® (PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group). With its different form factors and pin-outs, COM Express offers the widest scalability in computing performance and power consumption.

Avnet Integrated designs and manufactures the world's widest and most advanced range of COM Express modules in-house at our Technology Campuses in Germany. Available 'off-the-shelf' in standard versions or fully customized to fit our customers' products, Avnet Integrated's COM Express modules are renowned for outstanding efficiency and reliability. The individual 'Types' have their own pages below. If you need more information or would like to talk to us about how we can support you with design and manufacturing services, get in touch! 

COM Express Type 10 Mixed Media

COM Express™ Type 10

COM Express® Type 10 is an industry standard platform targeting applications that require ultra-small form factors. It integrates next generation processors, graphics, memory, and I/O interfaces on a Mini Module size (84mm x 55mm).

With a 220 pin board-to-board connector, the standard supports interfaces like dual independent displays, 4x PCIe, 8x USB, 2x SATA etc.

The COM Express Type 10 range from Avnet Integrated is a perfect for designs with space and cooling constrains that require moderate CPU performance at low power on a cost-efficient COM Express module.

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COM Express Type 7 Mixed Media

COM Express™ Type 7

The COM Express™ Type 7 was introduced in the current COM.0 Rev. 3.0 specification of the PICMG (PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group) to support new interfaces for high data transfer rates. Special features include four 10Gb Ethernet interfaces and up to 32 PCI Express lanes. The familiar COM Express™ 440-pin connectors have been preserved and the video and audio interfaces have been re-purposed. The new Type 7 standard is well-suited to applications involving the transfer of large amounts of data with high transfer bandwidths. Such applications include local servers in edge computing, media streaming, communications, Wi-Fi routers in public transportation and video editing in medical and surveillance scenarios.

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COM Express Type 6 Mixed Media

COM Express™ Type 6

The COM Express® Type 6 family is a leading industry standard offering a broad range of interfaces fitting to many market segments.

COM Express Type 6 has become the most versatile and most scalable COM standard supporting everything from small-scaled and cost-sensitive applications up to high-end computing and graphics-intensive solutions.

It is designed for the latest chipsets and serial signaling protocols, including PCI Express Gen 3, SATA, USB 3.0, and high resolution video interfaces like DisplayPort and HDMI.

The standard defines two board form factors, Compact (95mm x 95mm) and Basic (125mm x 95mm) giving system designers maximum flexibility and multiple choices. Both sizes utilize two high-speed, 220-pin board to board connectors enabling a total of 440 pin connections.

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COM Express Type 2 Mixed Media

COM Express™ Type 2

The COM Express® Type 2 industry standard was introduced by PICMG back in 2005 with the first release of the COM Express Specification. Based on technology available at that time the standard covers older interfaces like PCI, IDE and other legacy I/O. The newer Type 6 pin out is based on the popular Type 2 and replaces legacy interfaces with newer technologies, adding more PCI Express lanes and USB 3.0 capability to the specification. Avnet Integrated /MSC products with Type 2 interface are available for applications that have not been upgraded to the newer Type 6 interface. The products are not recommended for new designs.

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Avnet Integrated offers customization of its standard modules according to the requirements of the customers. This will help to achieve required price points for volume projects by not populating components which are not required, i.e. less memory or less controllers of unnecessary functionality. In addition, Avnet Integrated offers to assemble Computer-on-Modules on carrier boards, optionally with suitable cooling and with memory modules inserted.


  • Mounted and tested (memory, cooling, baseboard)
  • Individual test profile
  • Pre-configured BIOS
  • Baseboard Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS)

To find out more about our standard embedded board solutions and how we can design, make, supply and deliver them to suit your manufacturing needs, get in touch with us!

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