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The MSC C6-SK-eDP-KIT001 is a Display Kit suitable to be used in conjuction with the MSC Starterkits featuring the embedded DisplayPort (eDP) connector on the baseboard, e.g. the COMExpress Type 6 Starterkits. The embedded DisplayPort Starterkit consists of a 13.3" WUXGA TFT panel with Full-HD (1920 x 1080) resolution and a suitable embedded DisplayPort connection cable. Two versions of the display cable are available: a) with 30-lead connector and b) with 40-lead connector. When ordering, customers will be asked for the type of connection cable to go with the Display Kit. The LCD panel selected for the embedded DisplayPort Starterkit features a diagonal of 13.3" (33.78cm) and Full-HD resolution. 16.7 million colors can be displayed based on 24 bit per pixel coding. LED backlight provides for long lifetime at reduced power consumption, and light intensity is 350cd/m2. The dynamic range of the LCD is 700:1. The backlight converter of the TFT panel is built-in and only requires the power supplied along the standardized embedded DisplayPort

MCS C6-SK-eDP-KIT001 board image

Technical Data - MSC C6-SK-eDP-KIT001

Technology embedded DisplayPort
Display Interfaces

Embedded DisplayPort connector (30 or 40 lead)


0°C to +60°C

Dimensions 305 x 188 mm x 2.8 mm

Order Reference - MSC C6-SK-eDP-KIT001

Order. Description Reference Status
14565 embedded DisplayPort Starterkit for MSC COM-Express Type 6 Starterkits. Includes 13.3" WUXGA TFT with LED backlight and complete cable kit for immediate operation. Can be delivered with 30-lead or 40-lead embedded DisplayPort cable connection between TFT and computer board - please advise MSC C6-SK-eDP-KIT001 PV
PV = Preferred variant; OR = on Request (in OEM quantities only)
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