COM-HPC Client Modules Support

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COM-HPC Client Modules Support

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Infographic of COM-HPC client/server

COM-HPC™ is a new Computer-on-Module standard designed specifically for High-Performance Computing. It does not replace the COM Express standard, but extends the Computer-on-Module idea to very powerful client and server-class processors, providing an unmatched infrastructure of high-end interfaces.COM-HPC is governed by the PICMG industrial group where it has recently been created by an international workgroup consisting of COM manufacturers including Avnet Integrated, semiconductor companies and infrastructure providers.

COM-HPC properties

Emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine vision, edge computing and 5G network infrastructure request for new levels of system throughput and interconnect bandwidth. The new COM-HPC standard is well equipped for addressing ever increasing work load demands for the next decades. PCI Express connectivity at Gen 4 and Gen 5 speed can scale up to 65 lanes. Multiple network options allow for 1G to 10G Ethernet port bandwidth with headroom for further bandwidth increments. A variety of module form factors ranging from small to tall provide the right mix of board flavors for different performance classes. The new form factors support high performance CPUs with need for high power and sufficient cooling, large memory arrays and I/O rich feature set.

Two types of COM-HPC interface schemes have been defined to serve different classes of applications. COM-HPC Server enables an extended bulk of PCIe lanes and Ethernet ports and is well suited for server and communications applications requiring very high system throughput and extensive I/O connectivity. COM-HPC Client focuses on graphics oriented tasks such as in gaming, medical or surveillance applications, and comes with a variety of graphical interface options, while still providing decent I/O connectivity on PCIe and network.

Sizes and formats

To span a wide range of applications and meet different performance classes, a variety of module form factors are available.

Infographic showing COM HPC form factors and sizing

Three formats are primarily intended for COM-HPC Client computer modules:

  • Size A: 95 x 120 mm
  • Size B: 120 x 120 mm
  • Size C: 160 x 120 mm

For COM-HPC Server modules, two form factors have been defined:

  • Size D: 160 x 160 mm
  • Size E: 200 x 160 mm

The larger base width as well as length of COM-HPC Server module formats reflects the floor space requirements of powerful server and communication systems for CPU size and cooling requirements, number of memory module slots and potential need for H/W accelerators (FPGAs, GPUs). The smaller form factors with narrow base are intended for leaner systems e.g. such as featuring cost effective system-on-chip.

Depending or application needs, carrier solutions can be designed either to the Server or Client interface specification and will support either the larger or narrow module sizes.

Our COM HPC services

  • Optimized Cooling Solutions
  • Thermal Modelling /Simulation
  • Open industry standard
  • Performance, Bandwidth, Capabilities
  • Reference Carrier
  • Design Services
  • Format customization
  • Firmware/BIOS customization
  • Security enhancements
  • System Integration
  • Enclosure Design
  • Verification & Certification
  • Manufacturing
  • Worldwide deployment
  • Global Support
  • Life cycle management

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   MSC HCC-CFLS Intel® Core™ 9th Generation
   MSC HC-MB-EV COM-HPC Client Carrier


Avnet Integrated offers customization of its standard modules according to the requirements of the customers. This will help to achieve required price points for volume projects by not populating components which are not required, i.e. less memory or less controllers of unnecessary functionality. In addition, Avnet Integrated offers to assemble Computer-on-Modules on carrier boards, optionally with suitable cooling and with memory modules inserted. 


  • Mounted and tested (memory, cooling, baseboard)
  • Individual test profile
  • Pre-configured BIOS
  • Baseboard Electronic Manufacturing Service (EMS)

To find out more about our standard embedded board solutions and how we can design, make, supply and deliver them to suit your manufacturing needs, get in touch with us!

COM-HPC Client Modules Support

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