COM-HPC Client Carrier

The MSC HC-MB-EV is intended for design teams that require an easy and fast enablement of COM-HPC based solutions for lab evaluation, rapid prototyping and application development. Engineers can use it as a reference design for developing their own COM-HPC platform. The COM-HPC Client carrier provides a rich set of COM-HPC Client interfaces routed to the module socket including PCIe and PEG ports, DDI and eDP graphics interfaces, and high speed I/O like USB and SATA. COM-HPC Client modules of either Size A, B and C can be installed on the carrier.

MSC HC-MB-EV Board Image

Socket for COM-HPC™ Carrier supporting Client Size A, B, C modules

PCI Express x16 slot (useable as PEG or general PCIe)

Three PCI Express slots 1x4

Support for PCIe Gen 3 and 4

Two SATA connectors

M.2 socket for mass storage and AI modules

M.2 socket for I/O purposes (3rd party modules e.g. Wi-Fi, Bluetooth)

Two USB 3.1 Gen 1, Gen 2 connectors

Two 1G/10G-BaseT connectors (RJ45)

Two DisplayPort connectors

One eDP connector

HD audio codec

Various additional COM-HPC™ specific interfaces

Power supply via ATX-style power connector or 12V-only power jack

Wide power input range

Size 244mm x 244mm (microATX)

Technical Data - MSC HC-MB-EV

FormFactor microATX

M.2 socket for mass storage and AI modules:

PCIe x4

Card lengths 42/80/110 mm, M-key, max. 15W


M.2 socket for I/O purposes (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AI):

PCIe x1, USB 2.0

Card length 30 mm, E key, max. 6.6W

Storage Interfaces

2x SATA up to 6Gb/s


2x USB 3.1 (USB 2.0 compliant) on faceplate

1x USB 2.0 on-board

Bus Interfaces

PCI Express™ Gen 3 and 4

One PEG port x16 on PCI Express x16 socket; also usable as general PCIe socket; max. 75W

Three PCI Express slots 1x4; one slot max. 25W, two slots max. 10W

Maximum bandwidth is determined by installed COM-HPC module and PCIe cards

Display Interfaces


Two DisplayPort connectors on faceplate


Embedded DisplayPort:

One 40-pin eDP on-board connector



Two MIPI-CSI connectors on-board

Shared with eDP

Network Interface

Two RJ45 LAN connectors on faceplate

Routed to COM-HPC module socket

Support up 10/100/1000 or 10GBase-T depending on COM-HPC module capabilities

Two status LED‘s integrated per connector

Audio Interface

SoundWire audio codec

Audio available at 4 pole audio jack on faceplate


Feature connector:

Carrying GPIO, SMBus, I²C bus, SPI, power button, reset button, and other system signals


PORT 80 display


Serial high speed port:

Two ports routed from module socket to on-board pin headers


BIOS Flash

Pin-header for external BIOS Flash, selectable either on-board or on the module



4 pin fan connector; PWM controlled by COM Express module



One serial EEPROMs on I²C bus



CR 2032 type RTC battery (3V, socketed)

Feature Highlights

Carrier board for COM-HPCTM Client pin-out

Note: availability and capabilities of interfaces determined by installed COM-HPC Client module and I/O cards.

Power Requirement

Standard 20pin ATX power connector and additional ATX12V connector

Additional power jack for single voltage supply (wide input range 5V to 20V)


Ambient Temperature:

0° … 60°C (operating),

-25° … 85°C (storage)


5 … 95% (operating, non-condensing),

5 … 95% (storage, non-condensing)

Dimensions 244mm x 244mm
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