A partner that understands embedded computing

You want to get your application to market quickly, but don’t have the luxury of staffing a massive team of hardware experts. With Avnet Integrated, you gain a partner with a deep understanding of embedded computing and the expertise to help you identify the right solution. If your requirements are unique, we’ll design and manufacture a solution for you. When it comes to meeting your needs, nothing is off the board with Avnet Integrated’s unique combination of extensive development competence and manufacturing experience.


Best-in-class engineering

Our in-house design and manufacturing team has been leading the industry for more than 30 years in complex and high-speed circuit design, development and production. Our skilled design engineers have many years of experience designing boards with high-end x86 and ARM CPUs as well as with fast memory technology and programmable devices (CPLD, FPGA). Ultra-fast system signal design and layout has always been one of our specialties, making our solutions perfect for applications in demanding industries that require reliability, longevity and accuracy.  

We specialize in:

  • x86 CPU architecture
  • ARM Cortex-Ax architecture
  • FPGA / FPGA SOC design
  • High speed designs (DDRx DRAM, 10GbE, PCIe, USB 3.0, frontside buses, graphics)
  • Simulation (thermal, signal integrity, functional)
  • Operating system support (Windows / Windows Embedded / Linux Embedded)
  • BIOS and software development

Leading-edge manufacturing

Avnet Integrated runs three state-of-the art manufacturing sites in Freiburg, Germany, Stutensee, Germany and Malta, all of which are equipped with the latest fully automatic manufacturing equipment.

With the latest production equipment and a high degree of automation, Avnet Integrated can offer best-in-class, high quality output at a very low manufacturing cost.

Best-in-class quality

Our product, test and production engineers work hand-in-hand with you to achieve optimized product quality. Our sophisticated SAP-integrated MES and quality system ensures full traceability of our products and includes strict version control for each product made.

COM-HPC™ Modules

COM-HPC™ is a new Computer-on-Module standard designed specifically for High-Performance Computing.A variety of module form factors ranging from small to tall provide the right mix of board flavors for different performance classes. 

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SMARC™ Modules

SMARC ("Smart Mobility ARChitecture") is a versatile small form factor computer module definition targeting applications that require low power, low costs, and high performance.

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COM Express™ Modules

COM Express™, an open Computer-on-Module standard defined and maintained by the PICMG® (PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group), with its different form factors and pin-outs offers the widest scalability in computing performance.

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nanoRISC® Modules

The nanoRISC® module standard has been created for applications requiring a small form factor and lowest power consumption. These modules can be used as a processing supercomponent, while users only need to add application-specific periphery.

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Qseven™ Modules

Qseven™ has in recent years become the most widely adopted new standard for small form factor modules, specifically targeted towards applications that demand low power consumption.

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SimpleFlex by Avnet Integrated lets you configure your embedded compute quickly and get a market-ready solution for your product faster and easier than ever before.

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